Today is a Good day to be an Eco-Maniac

Today is a Good day to be an Eco-Maniac  


Article by Vince Wishart


Firstly, I wasn’t always an Eco-Maniac. I have been a guy with low self esteem in my past.  I’ve since learned from my mentorship that if I want out of low self esteem, then I need to do esteem-able acts.  What could be more esteem-able than to serve our Earth Mother with respecting her, walking lightly on the land and teaching others to do the same.

Today is a Good day to be an Eco-Maniac


What am I teaching?  Am I really helping if I am promoting recycling while realizing that recycled good produce far more carbon emissions than the manufacture of new raw materials?  What level does my obsession end?  How right do I have to be to be an example?  When I am right, I’m never happy.  I may be vindicated or self-righteous, but never happy.  Maybe finding a simple job, with a simple life, sticking my head in the sand hoping everything will sort itself out without my help is the better way to go.  Well, I could, but I took the red pill, the pill of knowledge.  Now I have a really good idea of what’s going on and I really want to help.

Now, today is a Good day to be an Eco-Maniac.

Secondly, I became obsessed with building Earthships.  Charge!  Im Gonna save the world by living the example.  I am the change I want to see in the world.  I became the Eco-maniac.  We eco-maniacs in our blindness and lofty ideals soon discover about the powers that be that don’t want people to be self-sufficient.  The people in these powers will stomp on us lowly peasants whenever we try to get out of the matrix.  Perhaps I should have jacked in further.  How could I have thought I could be anything less than a battery for the matrix?  Slavery never died…it just stopped being understood.  Like when you drop a frog in hot water, it jumps out,  but put a frog in water and slowly turn up the heat, it will boils to death.  It’s gradual, incremental death.  Play the game their way or else suffer the consequences.


Now Eco-maniacs are being arrested for going off grid…proclaiming their sovereignty is a major offence often punishable by death, as we see in Australia where the martial troops are taking over small towns around Sydney.  So much technology for free energy out there right now and guys like Mr Keshe of the Keshe Foundation have even given the authorities plenty of time before launching their products, and now the info is getting out.  Guys are lighting up their houses with free energy machines, and getting away with it…but try manufacturing them.  This could be how people end up in crazy deaths like guys like Prince or lady DI.  Do-gooders.  Today is a Good day to be an Eco-Maniac


Jacques Fresco came up with the Venus project where utilizing the technologies we already have can sustainably host 300 billion people on this earth.  The media has told us we are already over populated  Who owns the media?  Rockefeller said: “He who owns the media, controls the minds of people.”  We have technology to put 7 billion people in Australia alone with the right Eco-resources everyone will have an acre and a half and can catch their own rainwater and harvest their own energy and live in harmony with the land.  We have allowed ourselves to be hypnotized.  Brain washed into becoming batteries for the matrix.  We have gotten away from our connection to the land, the spirits of the land, moved into cities to be brainwashed and kept in little pens like life stock on a farm.  The subjected to Wi-Fi & EMF bombardments all day every day, stripping us of any chance to harmonize with nature.

 Jaques Fresco’s model of sustainability shows a world utilizing sustainable resources that can accommodate 300 billion people.  This is not what we are taught.  We are taught by the global elite through their media and their education systems called schools that we are over populated at 500 million. Check out the Georgia Guidestones

I often had dream of the big house and the hot tub and double car heated garage with a home theater in every room I got it, then left it all behind…a part of me longed for it…then I realized it is such an illusion.  Trappings of the old me.  All a way for me to keep my head in the sand.  The feeling passes in short order, as a new determination sweeps in to make this life I have been blessed count towards better tomorrows for my grandchildren 7 generations and more to come.


Finally There is solution!


So a few years back in a time of extreme growth in my life I was feeling growing pains and the fire of transformation.  I prayed to Creator in that emotional time asking for guidance in the best way I was capable of at the time.  Creator sent me a crystal clear vision of an Eco-retreat Sanctuary called the Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary.  Right down to the each little detail.  I began to move towards that goal.  Not knowing how, just having faith that it was all looked after and happening in divine time.

See the unfoldment of the dream here: Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary Executive Summary

Several years after I wrote this vision down and published it, Elon Musk came out with an eco-village synopsis that reads eerily similar to Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary Executive Summary.  Ive been told that as soon as you publish something online, it is no longer yours, it becomes public property.  Could this be the case here?  Hard to say.  The only noticeable difference is his eco-village is all high tech and immersed constantly with wi-fi and EMFs.


For many years now I have been an Eco-maniac and I so admire the determination of passionate eco-warriors.  Today and every day is a good day to be an Eco-maniac.

What about Eco-maniac Warriors like Mike Reynolds for his fully sustainable 
homes called Earthships, or

Eco-maniac Warriors like Dianne Leafe Christianson

for her commitment to teaching the how to’s of Eco-community (subscribe to her newsletter), OUR Eco-village for their strides and pioneering ways for a sustainable model for better tomorrows, Eco-maniac Jan Steinman for the consistent growth of Eco-Reality one of the most successful models in BC.  Findhorn has opened the hearts of the world and created many breakthroughs like growing an Eco-village past the 400 Eco-maniac population that so many Eco-villages collapse at.  Damankur for their incredible large scale arts community, Auroville in India now passing the population mark of 2000 resident Eco-maniacs they now they call an Eco-city.

Today is a Good day to be an Eco-Maniac

The world is shifting.  Rapidly.  The consciousness is flowing to host sustainable living now and in the future whether there is an imminent collapse of the current system or not.  More and more Eco-maniacs are popping up all over the world with offering to solution. This one just graced my laptop a few minutes ago.  I love what they are doing here and this is the type of project that I seek to align with. Companies like Gentle Earth an offering from a man I respect so much named Scott Kelly bring gentle products to nourish our Earth Mother A true eco-maniac.  2 of my mentors are Angele and Richard from Johnstons Landing Retreat Centre where my beloved and I have taught workshops and lent a hand working the land from time to time.

The time for great change is shortening every day.  Humanity’s time on this earth is dwindling if we do not take responsibility for our own ecological behaviors NOW.  We stand at the precipice, the turning point, the fork in the road.  The tipping point.  It’s time to make a decision.  Do you choose life or death?  It’s that simple.  It’s so much easier to support the big corporations as we get herded into the WalMarts of the world like cattle to the slaughter.  Perpetuating the poor children in sweat shops that make our Nike running shoes and send more ripple effects of death and destruction to the rest of humanity.


Or we get on board with companies like Maleluca that are the superstores of sustainable products.  Personally I believe in philanthro-capitalism or better yet, philanthro-collectivism.  Solution in the collective. There is people and groups pioneering great change for this planet and the consciousness of humanity is rapidly shifting.  The global elite are beginning to see their their regime is coming to a close, and they are imposing more and control tactics while so many remain with their heads in the sand, immersed in the mindless drabble of the the television or you tubes while there is serious things requiring their attention now on this planet.  How blinded we have allowed ourselves to become as the human race.  What can I do to help the kid starving in Africa?  It doesn’t affect me so many have said.  We must recover from “Self” and return to “Altruism” if we expect to recover our planet to a place of peace and harmony.  Who wouldn’t want that?

                              We are all one.  We are all interconnected.  We are consciousness.  Global oneness teaches us that there is no separation.  I am you.  You are me.  There is no difference.   Am the rapist of the Earth, I am Mother Teresa, I am the abused and the abuser,  I am the manic depressive, I am the meditator, I am the addict, I am the Bodhdisattva. I am that, I am.  When the pope was convicted for so many sex crimes, I wept.  I didn’t weep for him as much as I did for the comments of hate by the people.  The eye for an eye attitudes of people that believe in corporal punishment.  “An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind” Kahlil Gibran.  What can we do to heal this problem?  How can we help?  Killing someone or making them suffer Doesn’t fix the problem.  Enlightenment is compassion for all beings.  The slogan at Lovemedicine is: “Loving Interconnectedness with all life”, which is the focus of indigenous teachings as well, of which I spend a lot of my time prayer with my ceremonial family.

                         To be truly compassionate, we need to look past our protection mechanisms and look far past the behaviours to the core issues that created the problem and address it from a place of love rather than retaliation from ego lashing out.  Deepak Chopra says: “It only takes one enlightened individual to balance 400 million negative people.  This is the perfect balance”.  What happens if we were to interject one more enlightened being into our midst? What about 10? What about a 100?  What happens to the collective consciousness then?  I believe we are seeing a massive influx of enlightened beings coming in full force at this critical time in history and things are changing rapidly.  The Hopis prophesied that we are at the end of living in the 4th world. All 9 prophesies of the 4th world have now come true.  According to the Hopis now is the time for the 4th world to collapse and to bring in the 5th world of peace.  World events are fully in alignment with this prophesy, whether we believe it to be true or not.  Shift happens.  The current construct is dissolving at a rapid pace.  Politically we see it.  Our precious EarthMother has been giving us warnings after warnings and we haven’t shifted fast enough and now she is really retaliating.  2012 was the end of the dark way of thinking with the end of the Mayan calendar. Now as we head into the age Aquarius or the enlightened age,  the old way needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.  An exciting time to be alive.  What would love have us do?  What is in the highest good of all?  Are the 2 important questions at Lovemedicine.

It’s the same for this dear precious Earth Mother of ours.  What can we do as individuals to heal her.  If we don’t change now, there not be an earth to leave your kids and grandkids.  According to Richard Branson in his book Screw Business as Usual, we have 15 years left before we are the point of no return.

I implore you to move in solution.  Find yourself a leader Eco-maniac and grab their coat tails and make sustainable flourishing life on this amazing planet the “In” thing to do.  Make it fashionable…It’s the popular thing to do.  Let’s do it now folks.



I love you.  I love you so much…I truly want you and yours to enjoy our precious Earth Mother for many generations to come.  The work we do, the way we live our lives now will affect our lineage for 7 generations to come and beyond.  ( now makes building that last for 7 generations and more) Just because we may be ignorant, it is no excuse.  Our offenses to our Earth Mother are punishable by death.  It is the law.  The universals laws.  Change now or die.  Become willing to let go of our addictions to the TV, the easiness of the availability of the big corporations that are raping our planet.  Stop drinking poisons like Coca Cola which some have said are no more than population control.  At the very least, they are there to keep dentists and Big Pharma in business.   They perpetuate the sicknesses, then Big Pharma comes in commissioning drug dealers called doctors to give drugs to to treat the symptoms we gain through eating the poisons sold on our shelves.  If we stop buying the crap by growing our own organic goodness, no matter how cheap it is or convenient, we will make change happen, and get well in the process.  Eco-maniacs tend to be well be well physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Today is a good to be an eco-maniac.


I trust you will make the best choices.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t willing.


I bless your efforts.


For all our relations.

Vince Wishart

Creator of the Intentional Tattoo and

Co-creator of