The 4 M’s of Investing

The 4 M’s of Investing

What are The 4 M’s of Investing and why is this on this website?


As an artist, it can be tough to give people the value they need, and to have a price point that is sustainable in the long term.

Colin Sprake says: “Give more value, give so much value, that people thing you are crazy.  People remember Crazy”.  Value is much different than price. The 4M’s of investing speak to that.

Phil Town is a great teacher for Warren Buffets style of investing.  I’ve have taken and applied his trainings for a while now.  He Talks about The 4 M’s of Investing.

Margin of Safety, Meaning, Moat, Mission,

Warren Buffet is the most successful investor on the planet

The 4 M’s

  1. Margin of safety.  MOS is buying the business for less than the sticker price.  We want to buy businesses for a minimum of 50% of the sticker price.
  2. Meaning.  The business needs to have meaning to you.  Your personal values cannot be offended in any way by how this business conducts themselves.  You need to study the CEO of the business to see if he is acting in integrity in the marketplace.
  3. Moat.  The Moat is the protection mechanism that makes this business protected from competitors.  Why will this businesses be around for a long time to support you?
  4. Mission.  What is the objectives of this business?  What do they stand for? Who do they help? Do they have a foundation to be of service to humanity with their profits?

So for me as a broad spectrum investor, I like to apply these things to buying a traditional business on the stock market.  And as many of us know, there is new currency and investment opportunities out there that blow the old paradigms out of the water.  Some offerings such high ROI that it can seem to good to true.  So one of the businesses that is one of the highest ROI is medical Marijuana.  Which if these are in alignment with your values of Meaning, Mission and Moat, the margin of Safety is definitely there with this model of investing in the modern age.  For me it is not in alignment with my values, so I personally steer clear, and I’ll save that explanation for another time.

The 4 M’s of Investing can also be applied to the revolutionary new thing cryptocurrency.  We have all heard about Bitcoin.  It is all the rage.  Phil Town, while he applauds the ROI and the mission, and recognizes the MOS as incredible to the price escalation of the sticker price, he still tends to go to Warren Buffet’s style of investing in traditional businesses.  (Old Boys club) For me, I see a new paradigm.  A new age.  I see the entire financial system collapsing now in the current bubble which is said to be so hyper inflated with fiat Currency that the Collapse is ripe and imminent.  The centuries old controlling patriarchy is being balance finally with the resurgence of the feminine.  Some call it the age of Aquarius or age of enlightenment since the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.  Seems like the dark ages are over folks.  A new era has begun and it is time to evolve or be left in the dust.  This is my own perspective, you choose your own.

Disruptor businesses like Legal shield,

Uber cabs,

Air B and B

have been popping up all over and these disruptor businesses are mainstream accepted.

Now Bitcoin and other currencies will be the same as people are swarming to it. Regulators cannot keep up to the advancement of the collective consciousness.  We are screaming for positive change and manifesting it through our collective consciousness desires.  We are more powerful than the elite have wanted us to believe.  These are the evolution of business.

Bitcoin was released around the time of 911 as the creators of it knew a way was required.  Bitcoin will be around for a Long time.  To buy and hold BTC is good idea, though it is a volatile market with spikes up and down as investor, security in something that is new can create trepidation.  What if I could show you a way that the robots have been studying algotrithms and have found a way to be right in their trades 78% of the time?  Some claim the new robots are closer to 100% right all the time.  They are capable of problem solving a lot faster than we humans are.   Traditional investing pays only 10-18 per annum.  When you tack on the fact that BTC is growing like wildfire right now, you have a recipe for epic amounts of resources at your fingertips.  That is big difference folks.  This is how things are done in this new age.

Imagine, plugging your money in and occasionally looking at your computer every few to see your investment growing without having to buy and sell and worry and fret.  Just the immense feeling of security having this happen is what I have been experiencing since getting involved.  The thing is, it gets better.  Bitcoin price is rising all the time.  Today it at an all time high of 9948.21.  In a month, it could be 15,000.00.  The speculators say that it will be between 1 million and 10 million per coin in the next 10 years.  What would that mean if you plugged your money in now?  I’m no mathematician,  but I think a sense of freedom will ensue when you apply The 4M’s of investing.

So this is my investment strategy to have more than 50% of my portfolio in compound interest multipliers.  Beware of scams as there is many out there.  Do your due diligence like Phil Town says. He also says what? “Never lose money”.  How do we do that?  We double our money as fast as possible, pull out our original investment and leave the rest to do it’s thing with the houses money…no out of pocket expenses were had.    Risk free.  The rest is gravy.  There is zero reward with no risk they say.  This tiny bit of risk is nothing compared to the abundance on the other side. 


My Top Crypto Picks for 2018 in any one one of these opportunities that best suit you.  I have a vested interest in your success so I will be with you all the way.  What can you lose?  You have everything to gain:

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When you do I will send you a series of vids to get you started.  We have a weekly Webinar to join into to ask any questions you may have.


So many blessings on your success.


Vince Wishart

Creator of the Intentional Tattoo

and founder of Bitcoin Abundance