How the Bank of You Concept Works

How the Bank of You Concept Works

What do Robert Kiyosaki, Phil Town, Warren Buffet, Anthony Robbins all have in common?  These mentors from the investment realms have spoken of How the Bank of You Concept Works.  Well what is it?  Why do you need to know about it?

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Antony Robbins has told me for years to Invest a minimum of 10% of my income into something that creates compound interest.  I read this in several of his books.  He says this is the first thing you do after getting your mindset together to move towards wealth building activities.

In this day and age of rapid information and digital technology moving at exponential speed, we have all felt life speeding up.  We seem to need to do more to keep up to not only the excelarated pace of life, but also the bills that rise with interest, and trying to stay on top of emails and new tech gadgetry can be daunting for people my age anyways.  The Bank of You Concept Works to assist with that, to give us more time to focus on the important things in our life like family.  We are all given 24 hours a day, it is how we utilize those days that is important.  With the middle class being squeezed out, leaving only the rich and the poor, it can be a great idea to pay close attention to how we are creating wealth.

I was part Mike Dillard’s inner circle of investment strategies for years and his advice was to do the Bank of you concept before any other approach.


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A job (Journey of the Broke or Jackass or boss) is the traditional way to create income, but this is no longer sustainable even with both parents working in this day and age.   This is not rocket science.

The Bank of You Concept Works to give you freedom and buy your time back with compound interest.  This is the secret of the rich.  They have always implored this method.  When one buys a life insurance package and invests into another investment, this is also considered a tax haven when you remove the profits. (Check this out with your financial adviser).   So typically after investing 10% or more of your income in for 2 decades, you would be financial free.  Something to this effect.  Cool.


Robert Kiyosaki has taught me many of these approaches in his courses as well.  It is the foundation of getting started investing.

 I love this guy. I have taken his courses, and he is a wealth of information.

Now it gets better.  With the advancement of crypto-currency, we move into this new realm and the time frame is shortened substantially.  Remember that crypto-currency was created to give people their power back after 911.   So Bitcoin for example is a phenomenal investment which has gone up 10xs in the last year.   This is great.  Now, in comes a multiplier.  Multipliers create compound interest.  So when you add the multiplier to the already epic success of Bitcoin, presto, like magic, you have just substantially shortened the time it takes you retire.  This makes this investment strategy even more powerful than the old traditional ways of creating the Bank of You concept.  How the Bank of You Concept Works with BTC buy and hold investment is the ROI much higher and retirement is accelerated to a quarter of the time it would take you in the old Bank of You system.

To date with this new system, no one has lost any money and everyone has gained and makes the same money with the same effort.  Never before in history has such a business model come into being.  We as a collective are ready for it as we are sick and tired of the Slavery racket of the governments and those who control them.



Compound interest is the fundamental foundation of all good investment portfolios.  Do your research, like I did here:

When you are of sound mind to make a wise decision with the calculated risks, then you see the risk vs reward is highly weighed to one side.


Thank you for taking the time out to educate yourself on How the Bank of You Concept Works.  In the next article I will be exploring close systems and the concept of the sacred hoop in regards to investing.  In this article I will explaining why I am approaching this particular investment strategy as a 5 year process.



Many blessings to your success

Vince Wishart

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