Best Tattoo Artist?

Best Tattoo Artist?


What does that even mean?  Best at what?  There is some styles of tattooing and yet people are still googling Best Tattoo Vancouver for instance.  Weird.  Almost like they think the google bots will intuitively know what they are thinking is the best tattoo for them.   I don’t claim to be the best tattoo artist in Vancouver, but I do fix alot of their work (LOL inside joke).


I do however have some pride in my work and want to stand as a master of my niche which is a sacred approach to tattooing and offering a super calm and relaxed environment to tattoo in,  for both me and the client.   A tattoo retreat for clients to decompress and get grounded in a sanctuary environment that is nestled in a large forest.  Away from the chaos of life.  If we go into tattoo ceremony, we even turn the digital devices off.  Very peaceful.

So I look to be the Best Tattoo Artist at what I do.

Which is quite rare. in fact, There is very few in the entire planet that come close to what I do.  There are some offering a form of ceremony with their tattooing which is so great to see others now beginning to work in sacred ways again with tattooing.  that was lost for a long time.   There is no one else who knows how to do the Intentional Tattoo or the NLP, Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal psychology counselling, and shamanic processes I utilize to achieve these highly empowered states for the client.  If there is, I surely want to get tattooed by them ASAP.

So I recognize it is a niche market, maybe not sourced out that much, but you know, I don’t want to busy tattooing, I want to be fulfilled in my craft.

Being the best tattoo artist is not important to me.


Being the best at what Intentional tattooing and tattoo ceremonies is.  If the tattoo wins an award at a tattoo convention, great.

Thank you caring about who the Best Tattoo Artist is

I hope you saw something you liked to cause you to want to come back for further investigation.

Until then, Many Blessings to you and yours.

Vince Wishart

Co-founder of Lovemedicine

Creator of the Intentional Tattoo

Facilitator of Tattoo Ceremonies