Billionaire Consciousness

Billionaire Consciousness

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I believe we are products of our environment. We become what we hang around with. If I choose to hang around with drug addicts, I’ll become one, with time. If I choose to associate my mind with millionaires, I will become one, with time. So I choose to hang with the highest vibe people I can, as often as I can. Billionaire Consciousness is the creation of hearts desires.

“Millionaire is not a state of pocketbook, but rather a state of mind.” Bill Walsh


I’ve known many millionaires, and in most cases, many seem to be a bit reserved before sharing their wealth. Perhaps it’s because…still fresh in their mind is the memory of how hard it was to attain their wealth.  Therefore, they’re not inclined to give their wealth away easily. They tend to withhold in many cases.

The billionaires I’ve met seem to have had more of a service flow.  They know that in order to keep what they have, they have to give it away.  They know that stingy-ness or lack consciousness is not the way to perpetuate wealth. So, they create a perpetual abundance state for themselves and those who choose to associate with them.  In order to align with the divine order of abundance, one must give freely of themselves.  An eastern friend, the other day, said that her tribe tithes 80% of their income. What Changes would we see happen in the consciousness of the planet if we were to all adopt this spiritual practice? Imagine the possibilities for a moment.

Billionaire Consciousness is being in the flow.

I don’t claim to know how to accumulate wealth, nor do I see myself as having many skills around it.  I have made and lost a few fortunes.  I am a humble visionary.  I know that everything works in harmony; money flows to those who are in the same vibrational frequency with what that money will purchase.  Hence the thing, person; place, item or material good, just flows to them when the time is right. So in my circle, I choose successful people, not just in the monetary sense but, also in the spiritual, mental, physical.  

Ones who resonate at the frequency of the  vibrations required to effectively work with their subconscious mind.

They know the value of the attraction mechanisms of sacred empowering languaging. A true billionaire rarely if ever indulges in negative or away from languaging. They are always speaking in towards languaging. Billionaire consciousness is wholistic (wholeness in the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. They are complete in those areas first, then the money is a by product of their wholeness or wellness)



Vince Wishart

Billionaire consciousness knows the power of language and treats it as sacred creation.

“When we learn to change our languaging, the world begins to change around us.  We have that much power”


So, in my counseling/hypnosis/NLP practice, the clients who come to the Tattoo Chair (Throne of Transformation), are most likely a student of excellence, a purveyor of truth, ones who seeks the highest good of all, love to laugh, love to journey deep into their subconscious mind, love to experience transformation on all levels, ones who values and respect Others’ time, ones who walks in deep appreciation, ones who are mindful of others’ resources, ones who values those resources as valuable as their own.


Billionaire Consciousness is Abundance Consciousness.

Let me introduce you to my friend David:


David shows up with a big heart to heart hug.  He asks how I am and pauses as he eye gazes deep into my soul.  He expects miracles and he is open to the magikal unfoldment.  He sets up his altar and pulls out his deck of ascended master cards and, we commence our tattoo ceremony.  My card was King Solomon –  The wisdom of the Merkaba (coincidentally the symbol on my business card. (many incredible co-incidences or God-incidences happen around him).  David walks in miracles, total surrender all the time.  Uncanny coincidences happen around him consistently.  He knows the magic of walking barefoot and grounding with our Earth Mother.  He wears shoes rarely, only when he has to (LIKE ME).  After we explore his subconscious mind, anchoring in super empowered states that, in the future, he can evoke in himself at will, we slip into the realms of infinite possibility to discuss what new ways we can collaborate to bring light and love into this world.  He recently had a profound experience with a shaman in Guatemala.  He radically shifted into a realization of his higher purpose. He came home, let go of his job in Oil and gas, gave away his worldly possessions, and meditated for 6 months. He then changed his life and, stepped into his giftedness as a web developer.  He is now the creator of our new web domain

Let me introduce you to Vergil:


A man of honor, deep love for God, a family man, an investment banker from Hong Kong, a 25 year old self made millionaire who decided to retire and move more in the direction of health and wellness because he wanted to be of greater service to humankind…. so he created an empire in 3 months.  He comes, pays for his tattoos in advance, two potentially award winning sleeves and a back piece that emulate his love for the divine masculine and feminine in parenthood and leadership.  He continues to wear his heart on his sleeve through deep subconscious processing called “The Intentional Tattoo”…Vergil always leaves me feeling incredibly inspired, so much so, I decided to get into business with him.  He gifted me a thriving organization in China from the goodness of his own heart.  Truly a selfless man.



Let me introduce you to Steve:



Steve was a street level addict who got into counter-fitting to support his habit.  By 19, he decided to turn his life around and move in a more positive direction.  Steve was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at age 23.  Like me he had little faith in western medicine and, after researching alternative medicine, he decided to venture to the jungles of Peru where he met a shaman who practices spirit medicine.  Upon Steve’s return, he went to his doctor who could find no sign of the cancer in his body.  Steve has gone on to open a foundation where his mission is to prove through his doctors, lawyers and scientists that we no longer need Big Pharma.  He believes, as do I, that we can cure ourselves through our own perceptions.  This man, once given a few months to live, has gone on to climb Mount Everest.  He has opened companies like his vegetarian, alcohol free wellness lounge and, has created products based off of plant medicine and super foods to help people create wellness in all aspects of their lives.


The day I first met him at a vision board gathering at this home with many others with Billionaire Consciousness, he listened intently to my dreams, gave me super uplifting feedback, mentioned that its far easier to borrow 100 million than the 36 million I was looking to borrow, he was super stoked on my eco-project, and he knew all the guys who would work with me to get it going. He left me feeling like an equal and like a million bucks. This is Billionaire Consciousness.


If he is not a billionaire yet, he will be soon because he associates with great people like the Richard Bransons of this world.

These are exemplary people.  The type of people that I seem to spend my time with.  Through the power of association, I become like them.  So, by hanging with this abundance mind set, my life and surroundings begin to look more abundant and flowing, like theirs.  So, if I can’t associate with them in person, then I associate with them, or people like them, through books or audio because I love to live inspired.  I choose to surround myself with greatness in the form of Billionaire Consciousness.

So, to best describe the characteristics I’m looking for in my clients, they will be, from an art standpoint: people who like my macro/expansive style of art in my tattoos, fine art paintings, and murals; people who exalt in Sacred Ceremony; ones who are not consumed with self but, want to celebrate life through altruism; Ones who are focused on their own personal growth with an eye to helping others; ones who see all actions as either Love or a call for Love, people who focus on the gratitude in every situation; amazing people who just attract wealth abundance and happiness by just being; people who manifest miracles by simply speaking; they conjure magic because they know the power of sacred languaging.  People who are willing to see you, me, and everyone as innocent.

My brethren who are willing to celebrate, embrace and embody Billionaire Consciousness.

High vibe people who resonate at the same same high frequencies of this sacred tattoo ceremonial space.  As I write this article, I welcome the new faces of people who embody these characteristics.

I welcome back those who have already graced this space with their Billionaire Consciousness presence.


This is my call to attract those people who are givers, healers, kind and gentle folks who show up on time for their appointments and, who are happy to leave deposits in advance for half of the cost of their “Intentional Tattoo” ceremony sitting or their fine art painting or, pay for their workshops in advance as an investment in themselves and out of respect for their practitioner.


If this explanation describes you, I welcome you to this Sacred Sanctuary of grounding and wellness where we root down to our Earth Mother, in order to rise to the heavenly expanses and see all the God of your understanding has in store for you.  You deserve all the best the floodgates of heaven can offer you.  Thank you for the opportunity to facilitate your transformations.


Next step is the “Intentional Tattoo” application form and agreements document.


Many blessings

Vince Wishart

Creator of the Intentional Tattoo