Eco-sustainability through Cryptocurrency

Eco-sustainability through Cryptocurrency

Surely you have heard about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.  There is a system that has swept in and revolutionized the existing awesome new deregulated system of fiscal abundance.  This makes it possible for a person in the most collapsed economy in the world Zimbabwe, now able to retire a millionaire/billionaire.  The greatest transfer of wealth is now underway.  Yet how can we remain in eco-sustainability through cryptocurrency?  Are you open to understanding how to be on the receiving end of this wealth transfer?

The following video is a great generic simplified explanation.

The current financial structure is based on debt which is not sustainable.   The inevitability is that this current will collapse and is currently collapsing.  So now is the time to find another way.   In walks the Bitcoin to change everything.

Now a group of high profile investors/lawyers/physicists/inventors has come together to create the greatest cryptocurrency company the world has ever seen.   USI Tech is the foremost leader in not only crypto-currency mining, with their patented system of mining without electricity. (Some mining operations consume the electrician of a medium sized city), They also have cornered the market on how to make your investment turn massive profits through compound interest.  For an example a friend of mine put in 5k a few weeks back.  If Bitcoin didn’t go up at all and stayed at the 3000.00 mark, he was inline for 9 million after after 5 years.  The thing is that today the market was 9200.00 at its peak.  The forecasters were saying last week that it may hit 10,000.00 per coin in as soon as 6 months.  It will happen tomorrow if it hasn’t already.  The power of compounding interest is the way the elites have always made their income.


Now this power has been handed to the people to take care of themselves and their families in a good way.  This was planned out as a way to eco-sustainability through cryptocurrency.

History is being rewritten right now.  I personally have made my first 3 BTC buys and am super excited about this opportunity that is the single most exciting investment that has ever happened on earth, and when combined with the life changing service it offers for freedom for the little guy…Im beyond stoked…yet very grounded in my sound decision.


This video is from a group of investors after the last Bit coin USI Tech conference.  Sorry for all the excitement, but average Joes are becoming free left right and center.  If you became an overnight sensation, you may be just as excited.  They explain eco-sustainability through crypto-currency here.


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Thank you for taking the time to read this article here on a sacred tattoo site.  I as an artist look forwards to being free to do my Intentional tattoo processes in my own retreat center and make my transformational artistry offerings without having the worry of how much are people paying, or are they going to pay via email transfer or not.  Now they can pay by Bit coin for a reduced rate. Wink.  This to me is Eco-sustainability through crypto-currency.

Another writing to help you understand my ideas around eco-sustainability:


So many blessings to you on your path to fiscal abundance

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