Hi Friends, this is Yara the artist.

I am excited to have Vince Wishart on the show today
to talk about this process he created called the Intentional Tattoo.

Vince, You ready?

So Vince, What is an “Intentional Tattoo?

An intentional Tattoo is a combination of sciences and healing modalities such as NLP, Supreme Influence In Action, Hypno-therapy, and Trans-personal Psychology counselling which we create a super charged peak empowered for the client, and anchor it in thousands of times so whenever the client wants to feel empowered, they merely have to touch themselves in the spot of the tattoo, take a nice deep breath, and re-experience it over and over as many times as they want.

How did you become inspired to create the Intentional Tattoo?

I got my start in the biker studios of old and spent many years in a mentality that I didn’t feel like I belonged in. When I began to research the origins of tattoos, I saw that it early beginnings were one of a sacred nature. A right of passage or spiritual experience. After I was able to find recovery and give up my old behaviors of self centered thinking, I realized that I had tattoo therapy printed on one of my business cards at one point…I began to ponder how feasible that as. After all I was the sounding board for many people’s relationship breakups and turmoils. Always giving advice to them. I began to take it a little more seriously. After many years of personal and professional development courses and studying of so inclined books, I began to take courses and get certified in these different healing modalities.

How long is the intentional tattoo process?

Intentional Tattoo lasts about a half hour, depending if the client needs some extra attention or has some issues to take care of first before creating the empowered state. There has been occasions where we carry on once the tattoo needles have started and 3 hours into the tattoo. Just flowing through the subconscious mind, traveling galaxies or past lives finding little things to tweak for the person to fine tune their life.

What is the difference between an Intentional Tattoo and the tattoo ceremony?

Intentional tattoo is like a clinical process. The ceremony is deeply sacred aspect where things get really powerful. A client often has 4 days of preparation beforehand, and the intention is held by the artist and the client alike, these tend be video camera off type of processes. Cameras don’t come into ceremony, or anything digital. The ceremony involves prayer, sometimes calling in the directions, guides, power animals, ancestors and creating altars of sacred objects of the client and the artist. This is very personal process between them and their Creator

How long does a tattoo ceremony take?

The timing of a ceremony is so varied, depending on its purpose. They can go on for days. At the Air B and B we are creating for spiritually inclined people, People come in, they stay, get comfortable in the space, all their meals are covered during their stay, all they need to focus on is the healing of the tattoo ceremony. Sometimes we go deep into the subconscious, healing even the generational lineages of the clients ancestry. So you can see that if we are healing past ancestral traumas, that we need to be very private about these this type of work. We also offer much in the way of coaching/counsel to address these issues for long term healing through Transpersonal Psychology Counselling, Compassionate Communication and some shamanic processes.

What results can be expected from this process for the clients?

Clients go into deep relaxing states of peace which they tend to carry out into their lives after the tattoo session. This also affects how they feel pain. These deep relaxed tranquility states cause them to feel a lot less trauma from the needles and the sound of the machine. It seems like a bi-product of the processes. Afterwards they are able to re-evoke the empowered states by touching themselves in the spot of the tattoo now, or in the future. This can be very handy at shifting old patterns. Imagine a person going to a job interview or a first date and is very nervous, they touch the tattoo of power, and instantly get transported to the time when they were ultra empowered. Now they are able to traverse an realm through this tattoo of power.

How long do the effects of the intentional tattoo last?

This is dependent on how many of the submodalities (tastes, sounds, smells, feelings) were explored during the procedure which sometimes come from the client’s willingness to participate. Some have subconscious blocks up around talking about certain aspects. All clients talk about the feelings, and that is the important part. I’ll often bring in tastes and colors again for second look at the submodalities. Everyone has a dominant representational system that they see the world through. Once this is determined by the NLP practitioner, then the correct languaging that speaks to the subconscious mind can be employed. Rapport with the subconscious is the key ingredient. The subconscious mind remembers everything. The subconscious mind deletes, generalizes and distorts information based on our past experience. When we go back to the time where the information was first stored and make a new decision from that state, is when we are able to create our tomorrows inline with our true highest purpose. When the client goes really deep into these places, that is when the real change happens. This is much easier to access these places when we are doing the large Irezumi style body suits with multiple days back to back in the chair. At the retreat sanctuary, they have lots of space to meditate and integrate the medicine of their experience with out outside influences or distractions. The effects are felt for the rest of their life. Lasting change

Is the pain of the tattoo part of the experience?

Not so much as the constant jabbing. This is a vital part of the experience called “Anchoring” without this the Intentional Tattoo would be far less powerful. The subconscious remembers this constant tapping into the skin. Each little jab re-anchors the clients empowered state making the empowered experience much more memorable and easily accessed by re-touching themselves later in the spot of the tattoo.

What is future pacing?

Future pacing is an NLP term used to describe a modality we use to create new behaviors in the client in the future through witnessing themselves over there doing the thing they have been trying to let go of. Old Patterns, Behavioral difficulties, once transformed, The practitioner then takes the client to the future to a place when they used to do that old behavior, while looking through an observers eyes, and asks what changed? If the change didn't take the first time, the practitioner will apply some other methods until it sticks. Once it sticks, it is now embedded in the subconscious mind the new way to be and the client will act automatically as if they have been doing that new behavior for many years.

I’ve heard that intentional tattooing reduces the pain of tattooing. Is that true?

The deeper states of relaxation is where we can create nice options to feeling pain in the pain body. Most often there is some kind of emotional component to those that are abnormally painful with tattooing. So if we can comfort that part of them, just for the time of the tattoo through Hypno-therapy, then they are able to get through the whole sitting without feeling harm. With the real tough cases I will numb up their skin with a subconscious process called the glove anesthesia and the move the numbing to the part of their body they require it. Really though the pain is part of the experience of getting a tattoo. I try to hypnotize till the edge is off and the client is comfortable enough to sit for the whole tattoo.

What role do endorphens play in the process?

Endorphins are the part of tattoos that aficionados get addicted to. The rush of the “Feel goods”. The body produces this natural high through the adrenaline about 5 minutes after the tattoo has started. It happens when 1000s of needles are poked in repeatedly to one’s skin. Endorphins also come from the subconscious work of the Intentional Tattoo. Some client come for the Intentional Tattoo just for the endorphins alone. These clients get tattoos with our any ink whatsoever. The long term effects of empowerment are still there, just no visible marking on the skin.

Is it helpful to involve friends or family in the process?

Ill answer this with a question: ”Does it feel to you like having your family would be of benefit?” Great. How So? Let’s explore this I’m fascinated by your request. In some cases, the presence of others can distract the client from their own ability to be present in the experience of the Intentional Tattoo. When we go into deep ceremony space, it is actually really great to have the spirits of each person here especially if they are family lineages. This is a very powerful to heal ancestries when the family all come together in a common cause. Many times the family members are at different levels of differentiation. In this case we utilize some Transpersonal Psychology Counselling process work prior to bring the family into alignment to be willing to be vulnerable with the rest of the family before we go into ceremony. As you can see, there is a lot involved with this process, and gaining rapport and willingness with all involved is key.

Is there any experience or life condition or mental condition that cannot be overcome through Intentional Tattooing?

Well, I mean “Intentional tattooing is not a cure all, but often times many things are taken care along the way. Fears and phobias get released constantly because they stand in the way of true empowerment. So we release the client of their fears or phobias with their permission of course so they can step into their greatest empowerment and highest purpose. Often times this process will show me what other offerings I can offer the client for a later date. For instance clients have come back to see me to have a process done called a values elicitation. This is a long process speaking directly to their subconscious mind and shows them their highest purpose. Other have come to find healthier outcomes than smoking, usually only takes a half hour or to completely let go of smoking. Many others have come to release old patterns that no longer serve them. The positive effects results are endless.

Where do these tattoos take place?

Often times they done while I am travelling nomadically. I prefer studios with a relaxed vibe. Sometimes the smaller studios are a great place for that less hype and chaos. The more relaxed I can get a client, the easier it is to conduct my processes. I tattoo just about exclusively to a group called Desert Dwellers. With their music I can drop a client into just about any subconscious process. It’s shamanic process music. It’s just the right frequency for positive change and trance work. The next stage of development is the Retreat Air B and B where client will be able to come and relax, turn off all digital distractions, so they can be totally present for the experience even if it is for a week straight. Here we offer custom ceremonies for the specific needs of the client. See the blog post of the Retreat.

Many counselling services provides their services on a sliding scale based on income. Is that something you can accommodate?

Yes sure is a way. The subsidy program. Many clients with means that have gotten a lot out of their experience, can then donate towards the time for those who cannot afford it like a single mother.

Great. Can you subsidize someone else’s subconscious journey through this program?

Yes you can through our scholarship/subsidy program you can. If you feel your process was of exceptional benefit to yourself, you can rather than tip, leave a donation into the scholarship fund so that others may benefit from this work who are not of means to do so on their own.

Deep healings require deep process work. Can you tell me more about the deep explorations? What happens if a client goes into an old trauma? What do you do then?

I’m so glad you asked. This is a very important topic. Yes traumas are real and we are dancing through them in their subconscious mind. If a person does not have the skills in how to deal with this, they should never attempt this with another ever under any circumstance. The harm that can result has great magnitude. When clients have gone into traumas with me, there is specific tried and true processes to reduce those very fast till they have no more negative feelings at all…and with the clients permission I ask them if they would feel safe to leave that feeling tucked away for safe keeping only if were safe to do so. So we do. And so it is. Without the proper trainings and a full 1000 hour practicum, one should never consider trying any of these processes on anyone. This is not a game. Do not attempt to do this anyone unless they are a fully fully certified NLP practitioner or Hypnotherapist.

Tell me more about the environment. I’m very Audio representational system I’m told. Sounds are important to me. I’m very sensitive to outside influences of sound. Easily distracted.

Wow, few people actually know what their representation systems are. That’s cool that you know. Yes there are 4 types of representational systems. Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic (feelings), and audio-digital (box thinking like architects, engineers, accountants)…There is special language patterns to be able to speak to those different representational systems. In order to gain rapport with the individual types one must speak into their listening. Ie: A kinesthetic person I would say I feel you, and they would feel more understood than if I said: “I see what you are saying”. That would a visual representational system. Of course the list is huge on all the options I would say to an audio like yourself: “I hear all the sounds of your immense knowledge”

Is it would you are the only guy doing this type of tattooing in the world? Is this true?

Actually, yes. Another really great acquaintance named Laurie Morningstar is an NLP practitioner and tattoo artist as well and she does immersive ceremonies as well. Really amazing spirit medicine woman. I love her work and her walk on the sacred Red Road. She actually guided me on a journey at a function once and her work is utilizing NLP, and is highly effective. I just use different methods and processes is all. However, I really look forward to getting some ink from her in ceremony in the realm of infinite possibilities to find out what is possible with her form of the medicine.

Tattoo After Care What to do

Tattoo Skin Prep


  • Eat highly nutritious well balanced meals 4 days before your tattoo session.
  • No alcohol 3 days before a session as it thins the blood and the tissues and is not optimal healing conditions for your tattoo
  • Avoid heavy exercise 2 days before a session
  • Avoid excessive stress
  • Bring water and highly nutritious snacks, protein is a must. Power bars are a great choice.
  • Avoid sugar. Sugar is poison when getting tattooed especially big sittings. It will lead to more painful sessions and wear down the immune system faster, sometimes causing fainting, and can lead to the body going into shock
  • Show up well rested
  • No drugs unless prescribed and please inform us well in advance if you think it will affect you in any way.
  • Take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space. Wish-art Studios has gone to great lengths to provide an optimal calming, peaceful environment for our clients and we thank you in advance for being appropriate for the staff and the rest of the clientele
  • Moisturize the skin with a non-perfume lotion daily to soften the skin and to keep it moist and supple for optimal tattooing. Less passes with needles means far less pain, and much quicker healing
  • Drink plenty of water! This aids in maintaining hydration and “plumps” the skin in preparation for your time in the chair
  • If the site of your tattoo is in an area that tends to have abundant hair growth, feel free to shave the area before your appointment or we can shave it for you
  • The morning of your appointment, it is really really important to eat a generous breakfast containing lots of protein!
  • Bring bottled water and snacks with you to your appointment. You can have your water with you to sip as needed and you may want or need to take a break to have your snack at some point during your appointment.  The tattoo process can tax your immune system, especially if you are scheduled for several hours.  It is important to remain hydrated and to keep your blood sugars stable with nutritious snacks complex carbs and lean protein for optimal healing minimizing immune system challenges.
  • We do not make full OR partial refunds if your tattoo session is shortened due to not following these instructions. We care about you and your well being and want to see you have the ultimate tattoo experience.
  • Thank you for honouring yourself with these valuable suggestions.
  • Blessings to You in your transformational tattoo session



Healing Instructions

Leave your tattoo bandaged over night.

In the morning, remove bandage,

wash with mild soap.

Wash gently but thoroughly with very clean hands & then rinse away any plasma buildup.

Allow to air dry for 2 weeks.

Apply lotion as you normally would after that.

Caring for your skin by keeping it moist honors you and honors your artist.

AVOID soaking in pools, bath tub, lakes, etc.

Avoid sun exposure, including tanning beds, for 2 weeks!

If your tattoo is itchy, please refrain from scratching it. Slap it to relieve the itchiness.

After your tattoo has healed completely, we recommend you use a minimum SPF 45 sunscreen to protect your skin & your investment.

UV rays are damaging; they will contribute to the breakdown of the pigment in your skin and damage your tattoo!

Please avoid pet dander. Use clean sheets in the days following your sitting.

Avoid having your pet rubbing against or licking your tattoo site as it is a leading cause of staph infections in tattoos.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please give us a call or come back in!

We are here to help!  Your tattoo communicates with You…..may it bring you long term enjoyment and blessings.