Your Flushing Money Down the Toilet

Your Flushing Money Down the Toilet

How many times have you heard this growing up?  Grandma and Grandpa, my parents were relentlessly on me for letting the sink run, or leaving the lights on, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard: “Your Flushing Money Down the Toilet”.


Some of us haven’t changed that much.  If you are like me, I got into thinking inside a certain box.  Things are done a certain way, that’s it period.  Then I became rigid into that way of thinking.  It’s what my parents did, therefore, what they say goes.  It must be the right way.  Anybody else experienced that?  Fortunately for me there was a rebellious streak.  I didn’t like to conform…I even painted this painting called Individuality in a Sea of Conformity

 This is the black light version…it has a Zebra with Cheetah spots on it.  Non-conformist painting


So society says to get a 40-60-80-120 hour per week job or 2 to survive on this planet, send Mom to work as well.  We accept this as normal because it is what our parent did, or that’s just the way things are.  Well in my non conformist nature says BS!!!  There are plenty of people especially young ones, who havent been been groomed and conditioned by society yet to be “Normal” that are very successful and retired at the rip ol age of 16.

They didn’t listen either.  The other way of getting a job, working till you are 80 and retiring with out a pot to piss in didn’t make sense to these youngsters either.  I’m an artist, I don’t care about money, in fact sometimes the pursuit of it make me sick.  The getting in the car to spew out carbon emissions that harm my Earth Mother to go to a job to work for a boss that I don’t particularly like, to send his kids to university, while I’m unable to afford to send my own, spend money to park on top of it, then have to travel 2 hour each direction in infuriating rush hour traffic.  FOR WHAT?  Just to be a slave to the matrix?  Another way Your Flushing Money Down the Toilet.

Anthony Robbins has always promoted the Bank of You Concept saying that a minimum of 10% of your income needs to go into high compounding interest if you ever stand a chance of escaping the rat race

  This is one of my great mentors Gerald Celente.  If you can ever get a chance to listen to his broadcasts, I highly recommend him.  A warning though, be prepared to laugh while your arse off whilst getting really upset about the state of the world and the control mechanisms of the elite.  His you tube is here:   He knows all about how Your Flushing Money Down the Toilet.


The great news is this:  That you need not fret about Your Flushing Money Down the Toilet as there is a solution.  A great one.  Perfect for our times.  Fiat money was not created for our salvation or to create wealth.  It was created to create slavery.  Black slavery was not abolished, it was just transferred to enslave all of us.  The great news is this: That now there has been an invention by a man named Satori that was created to give our power back.  To create wealth beyond our wildest dreams.  by becoming our own bank.  Enter Bitcoin the salvation.  The control grid is collapsing.  The hyper-inflated bubble of the current stock market and fiat monetary system is collapsing as I speak.  The great stock market collapse is happening and will be in rubbles by the end of 2018.  (that is my prediction and many others. Do your own research) or better yet, buy as much Bitcoin as you and enter it into a multiplier.  That multiplier can be found here and, the form is free to fill out:


Folks the greatest wealth transfer is happening right now at this critical juncture in history.  From a spiritual perspective The Divine Feminine Energy resurgence is upon us.  The centuries old Domineering Patriarchy is now bowing in apology and to honor the feminine at long last.  The Mayans talk about 2012 was the end of the old way of thinking, the “DARK AGES” now enter the age or Aquarius or better known as the age of enlightenment where people wake up to their highest calling.  I’m seeing a mass awakening happening now on the planet and the screams as the old egoic nature of humans as they come into a place of peace, nurterance, reassurance, gentleness, compassion, empathy, kindness, tranquility and Love.

It’s not rocket science that the way we have been doing things has not been working.  Shift happens.  Change is here and is happening all around.  Bitcoin is spearheading this movement and that is exactly what it was created to do.  We are in a new where love is prevailing.


I encourage you as a friend and a member of my human family to do everyone a favor and help heal your financial health and then share that with your neighbor.  “Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”  I couldv’e sworn it was Jesus who said this, but I couldn’t find a meme with that anywhere.

I have 2 risk free strategies here.  Put your money into USI wallet,  in a few hundred days when you have doubled your money back, pull out your original investment and leave the rest in there to grow grow grow.  No one has ever lost money with this particular venture, which is unheard of in any business strategy, there typically is always someone who loses. Not this time, in fact we all make the same great ROI as the next guy.  Well, with some work ethic, there is way to increase that even more, but you have to work for that and I am not asking you to do that here, merely spend 2 hours of your life to put your investment into this compound interest multiplier.

Both these guys believe in the power of compound interest through The Bank of you concept.  I love the guy on the right as Robert is one of my greatest mentors.

With all the business courses, stock market trading trainings, personal development courses, and my extensive network marketing background, have I ever seen an opportunity this low risk, essentially risk free (especially now with the tax shelter options I discovered last night) that is tailored to your budget, and set up with such simplicity, such ease and grace that one cannot help but experience such a divine flow in a way that doesn’t break God’s laws or Man’s laws.  That you can take to the bank.  The Bank of You, so that you are no longer having your conscience telling you Your Flushing Money Down the Toilet.

Click here to read about The Bank of You

Because this is a public document, there are rules to making income claims, so I wont do that here.  But I do encourage you to get a hold of me and we can discuss this on a one to one basis.  My Facebook page is also a great to create discussion around this.  I spend a lot of time here:

Bitcoin Abundance

So in synopsis, I want to say again that money is not my motivator, time however is.  As an artist, time is of the essence to get out of me the Expressions of my heart that are so pertinent to our times.  After spending so much time filling out grant applications and getting turned down I see that the only real way is to stand for myself and be counted by taking action today.  I hope you are in pain.  (Not that I wish pain on anyone, but it sure can be a great motivator)  I hope you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of being broke.  If you are at a financial bottom sufficient to yourself like I was, then this is for you.  If you are just simply looking for a bit more passive income cash flow, this is for you.  If you looking for a business opportunity that can create astronomical amounts of wealth for many generations to follow, this is for you.


Your bright future awaits you here:



Many blessings on your success

Vince Wishart

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