How is Tattoo Medicine?

How is Tattoo Medicine?


How is tattoo medicine? What does tattoo medicine mean? How does this relate to you?

Allow me to explain:

Tattooing origins were one of a right of passage or a spiritual experience immortalized in the skin with this sacred art form.  The ancient Tahitians, Samoans, Mauris, Inuit, are just a few of the tribes who looked at it this way.   I have made my career choice to bring this art back to its original purpose and to infuse modern sciences like hypnosis, Trans-personal psychology, NLP, Supreme Influence in Action to name a few.  I love to offer tattoo ceremonies for those who like to go deep into their experience through trance, prayer, and ritual.  7 years ago, I developed the Intention tattoo procedure combining trance and a very empowered state, I amplify the submodalities: tastes smells, vision, feelings to create a peak state which is anchored in thousands of time with the tattoo needles so whenever the client wants to feel empowered again, they merely touch themselves in the spot of the tattoo and get the whole rush of the experience anytime they need it now, or in the future.  This is one way to create Tattoo Medicine at Intention Tattoo.

 Rebecca and I went to see my trainer in NLP and SIIA who shared the stage speaking with Tony Robbins the other day.  What a great reunion it was after 7 years.  Rebecca are excited to be taking more trainings together with her.  I am super fired up about getting my masters in communication.  Richard Bandler refers to NLP as: “The science behind why shamanism works so well”

In the middle of the wilderness at an Earthship build with the Sun directly powering the tattoo machine, we tattooed on the Earthship biotechture logo onto The great Jonah Reynolds eco-warrior.  This was the very beginnings of the tattoo ceremony concept 11 years ago. There was 20 people sitting in a sacred circle around him. One was doing reiki on him.
 Medicine man working with spirit medicine

Another way to create Tattoo Medicine:

In my lineage, my Kookum (Cree Grandma) was an international sought after healer and her dad was a medicine man.  I had always wondered why I was so pulled into the spirit realms and found my shamanic teachers so in alignment with my values.   Now as I spend so time with the first nations sacred ceremonies, I understand more where I come from.  I live by the principles told to me by my elders.  As I continue to pray for guidance from elders, more and more show up to show the way.  Life is spiritually wealthy for me today due to these spirit medicine practices.  I walk with my beloved Rebecca and we carry our spirit medicine offerings to the people through our venture called Lovemedicine.  Part of what we do at Lovemedicine is sacred tattoo ceremonies utilizing Ancient sacred medicine ways

Allow me to explain:

  1. Nomadic carriers: The sacred medicine carriers of old would travel nomadically from tribe to tribe.  They would bring their healing ways to ease the suffering of the people.  They knew the importance of that, and their medicines including the spirit medicine they carry.  Many were seers, wisdom keepers, spiritual guides for their people.
  2. The Spirit of Reciprocity:  Medicine was carried in a way where the medicine man or woman healer would bring their healing to the people they would be gifted by that person needing help or if they cant afford it, the tribe would gather to help out in whatever way they could.    The Spirit of Reciprocity allows for the medicine man to be gifted back so he/she could continue on their way to help the people.   It was generally understood that the value back to the medicine was to be of greater value than the service they had given.
  3. Barter/Trade:  These agreements were done in trade as the indigenous peoples did not use money as much.   This way is a good way.  This is a spiritual way.  The needs of the medicine man and their subjects would have their needs met directly, without having to accept money to go source out their items from the local store, nor do they have to pay tax on this to keep a corrupt corporate system going.  Money is paper and of little value due to the spirit (intention) behind it from a spiritual viewpoint.  This is how some elders view money.  Their currencies were trades, often of medicines.

This way also allows more flow to be able to create the expansive pieces I’m best at doing with out some of the financial restrictions.  Barter is a good way to do these offerings with ease and grace.

A third way to create Tattoo Medicine:

I have shifted my viewpoint through all the spiritual practices I am involved with particularly on the Red Road (The sacred first Nations Path on Turtle Island (North America)).  After returning from a vision quest on the top of the mountain, this has all become very clear to me.  I now share my medicine with those who carry other medicines.  Medicines can be quite varied.  These are all for healing purposes.  The 4 sacred medicines of the Lakota Ways are Sage, Tobacco, Cedar, Sweetgrass.

Medicines are considered sacred and for healing the people in these sacred ways.  These medicines help me walk in good ways.  Medicine can come in the form of good food.  Food that is in harmony with our Earth Mother.  My clients bring me Wild game, Elk, Moose, Venison, Animal hides, Feathers, Fish ethical meats and organic veggies and fruit in exchange or barter.  Preserves done in a good way.  These are all important things to me as I have committed my life to these sacred ways.  This year I pledged to be a Sundancer which is one of the greatest spiritual practice so far to this point in my life.  This requires faith and surrender to my needs being met.  I cannot control outcomes any longer.  My wants take a backseat to the needs of the people.  I embrace this “Prayer for Life”  and surrender to it.  I work in exchange for the necessities in life on faith.  I don’t turn down money if that is what the offering is, money is just energy, its our perception of money that is the curse or the gift. “The love of money is the root of all evil” the Bible tells us.

Is Tattoo Medicine really necessary?


These vehicles are most suitable for the lifestyle that we are looking at taking on the near future running a remote Eco-village with our bio diesel (from algae) van and the long trips down the coast will be suitable and affordable on motorcycle bike with a tent trailer behind.   Our goal is to have a very low carbon footprint and these vehicles will provide that for us.

The 4th way to create Tattoo medicine:

Is because I incorporate sacred ceremonies and prayer into my tattoo sessions.  I incorporate healing ways into my sessions.  I utilize my trainings in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Trans-personal Psychology Counselling and other personal development training into my practice as well.  See description of the Intentional Tattoo here.  Many of my clients are also coaching or counselling clients as well.  We also host workshops of various kinds at Lovemedicine.  Our offerings can be found here: Lovemedicine offerings.  We will be offering our workshops and experiential exercises in a nomadic fashion during the summers and sticking by the Slocan valley to do our fine art painting series through the winters as it would seem life is shaping up that way.

Spirit Medicine utilizing the subconscious transformative process called: “The Intentional Tattoo”


At Lovemedicine we see our words as sacred.  My NLP slogan is: “As a man thinketh, so is he. As a man speaketh, so it comes to be”  We have that much power. We are either conscious or unconscious creators in this life.  The I Am statement had better be followed with some empowering words, so we can be conscious and discerning about what we are creating in the world.  Our words become self-fulfilling prophesies, so we teach how to use the utmost care with our linguistics so as to create the world we truly want to see in the world.
Our slogan for our sacred language workshops series at Lovemedicine is:  Now, as we begin to change our languaging, the whole universe conspires to give us what we ask”  The spoken word is sacred.  We are creators always.  Sometime conscious, and sometimes unconscious,  we always create what we say…we are walking in a realm of our own Spoken Creations.  Language is the most powerful medicine.  It is a prayer out to the universe.  If we speak negativity, this is what we will get back.  We teach how to see the gratitude in every situation in order a sense of overwhelming gratitude at all times.  If you have been to an Anthony Robbins event, you know, that he puts people into the highest state of gratitude in order to teach his teachings.  An intentional Tattoo session utilizes the highest frequencies linguistics to create the most empowered peak states for clients to Re-access those states anytime now, or in the future.   Yet another example of the medicinal benefits of the Intentional Tattoo.


Sacred Tattoo ceremonies the ways of the ancients.

I am so excited to receive your desires for a deep meaningful tattoo into the sacred realms of the tattoo sanctuary I have set up for you.

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Thank you for reading,

So many Blessings,


Vince Wishart

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