How to be an Exemplary Tattoo Client

How to be an Exemplary Tattoo Client

This writing is to honour the life of my brother Kraylin Stickel.  The immense love I feel in my heart needs to be put into words at this time to create an honouring of an exemplary tattoo client.  Kraylin knew how to be an exemplary tattoo client, and a great friend.

Kraylin came into my life in Calgary when I was flourishing abundance with a thriving business and approached me to draw his path in recovery.  It began with the concept of the phoenix emerging from the ashes in transformation.  He liked the first concept I drew for him, but chose to honour his inner guidance and move in another direction.  The second drawing I came up with was of a Hanya mask which typified the resentments we experience when we are not able to control people places and things.  Then above that was the multi-faceted skull that had all the manifestations of addiction on it. (We can all relate to this as we as humans are all interconnected and share aspects of addictions like shopping, obsessions, control, etc). These skulls were the death of the manifestations.  Then the Phoenix was the the transformation from the old way of being in the fire of transformation.  Above that was the Golden Buddha which the enlightened place that happens after the 13 levels of suffering off the Bodisattva which brings the empathy and compassion required to let go of control and the resentments that state brings.  Kraylin was very aligned with the second vision and embraced this as a way to demonstrate how to be an exemplary tattoo client.  I wrote an article about what kind of tattoo client I am looking to align my energies with and Kraylin fits the bill.  You can read the article here:

This is what he said about our relationship: Just had another epic tattoo session with Vince Vin-Zen Wishart. His work is extraordinary and his energy and conversation match. Such a great experience. Thanks again Vince and Rachel Noto.

 He then went on to say at another time;

I would like to send out my thoughts and sincerest appreciation to an amazing artist, Vince Wishart. Vincent has an incredible ability to connect with the spiritual nature of the person on which he then transfers the art of their journey. It is so much more than a tattoo…more a reflection of your inner self. With amazing passion and detail you can see the pride and years of experience that go into the work.

Thank you.

At that time I got the blessing of some growth opportunities.  I got to endure 2 major life shifts that were very difficult transitions and took several years for me to find the full gratitude in those circumstances.  Kraylin was along in those times as a support for me.  Kraylin said to me once, that “No matter where in the world I decided to travel to and tattoo, that he would follow me there to receive me healing process of the Intentional Tattoo. ”  That kind of support was what I needed through this trial some times,  and I hold his nurturing gentle, kind supportive nature up to Creator in prayer and I know he will be welcomed with open arms into the blue road (spirit world)  Kraylin has gotten sessions from me in many different tattoo environments and studios I have worked out of.  He probably knows me the best out of all my clients over the past 23 years.  While grief is a natural part of the healing process; today I am not there.  I am in a state of celebration for him and all the giftedness his presence on this planet brought to humanity.  He really know-how to be an exemplary tattoo client,  a devoted husband, a grateful world traveller, a loving father, an assist to his work environment.  I would be hard pressed to find anyone that could find a bad thing to say about him.


I am grateful to Kraylin changing his mind on the original as it has also morphed in to another recovery Irezumi body suit back piece for the next person who knows how to be an exemplary tattoo client.

Kraylin knew that to be of service to others, he needed to take his eyes of of himself and put them on others and enter in the service realms.  To serve is to be healed.  He knew the law of the universe that when one puts their attention on helping other through their problems, that ones own problems magically disappear or the resources to fix our challenges manifest.  He knew Einstein’s words: “A life worth living is one lived for others” and “The highest aspiration of the human spirit is to be of service to others”.  I saw this servitude in him time ands time again.  This is the spirit of recovery:
He had been very supportive when I began my new venture at  He knew How to be an Exemplary Tattoo Client.  Ill keep his support confidential, but just to state that he lived that way.

Last time I saw him, I finished his leg sock:

In the following video, Kraylin demonstrates his willingness to go deep into trance in the intentional tattoo process: Kraylin intentional tattoo

Kraylin, you will be missed and your presence here longed for.  Your life and presence on our Earth Mother will be celebrated and you will be held in high honour for the immense walk you have done while on this planet, and your longing lasting effects of your living giftedness will be felt in our hearts forever.  So many blessings on your journey through the spirit realms.  With deep reverence and gratitude I say thank you for demonstrating how to be an Exemplary Tattoo Client and a beautiful friend.
Until we meet again my dear brother, Many Blessings

Matakuye Oyasin

(For all my Relations)

Vince Wishart

Intentional Tattoo Practitioner

Co-founder of