Intentional Tattoo Description

Intentional Tattoo Description

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Intentional Tattoo Description is:


It can be used for many purposes such as:

Do you ever feel unresourceful? Perhaps stuck in that state for prolonged periods?

What would happen if you could create empowered resourceful states at will?


The Intentional Tattoo Procedure

was suggested by Scott Gullion to Vince Wishart as a way to create empowered states in people during their tattoo procedure and is designed to enable the client to be able to access these states instantly in the future.  Vince has developed and been facilitating Intentional Tattoos for 7 years now.  Much like a Feng Shui expert will come into your home or business and ask you what empowered state do you want to experience every time you enter this room…? You may answer “gratitude” so then the expert then paints the word gratitude on the wall so that energetically the room is set up to attract gratitude. Dr.Emoto has extensively studied the cellular structure of water when it was intended, the molecules changed.

As humans we are made of mostly water.  When we give appreciation and gratitude we become that gratitude and we then carry that high vibrational frequency.  By vibrating at that frequency we can then attract more of that which we are already vibrating at.  When we are in resistance to something, our cells take on the resistance, and become polluted by our own in-tolerances and judgments.  When we hold these for too long a period it becomes unhealthy to the point of taking on “dis-ease.”  Many studies have shown that diseases like cancer are a direct result of harboring resentments or having a bad attitude.

It’s when we can learn to find gratitude in any situation that health begins to change for the better, we become very attractive to others as they want to feel free like that as well.

We are self-fulfilling prophesies that create our circumstances through the thoughts that we have, (internal dialogue) and more importantly our conscious and unconscious intentions.


Vince Wishart

At our tattoo and art sanctuary, we have had a curse jar $1 for the standard curses, but $5 dollars for the hate word.  Our intention is to create a safe place for our clients to be, but more importantly to give that client a chance to address the potentially devastating effects of disempowering languaging that they may be creating for themselves, and instead create conscious positive intentions that can be anchored into an Intentional Tattoo.


“When we learn to change our languaging, the world begins to change around us.  We have that much power”


Vince Wishart has spent decades immersed in studying and researching numerous models of personal development, human excellence and healing modalities along with and mentoring other artists and life coaching for his clients

“Consciously create positive attractor fields

Is the Intentional Tattoo For You?

Vince is a certified practitioner of NLP: (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and SIIA: (Supreme Influence In Action) under Niurka, (Anthony Robbin’s head trainer for a decade) and employing Hypno-therapy, Time Line Therapy, and many other healing modalities including Shamanism, and Trans-Personal Psychology Counselling.  Vince has taken these concepts further than Dr. Emoto and Feng Shui.  It’s from this depth of knowledge and skill that he is able to create a process that includes a client’s deepest positive intentions.  By evoking these deep empowered states before, during and after the Tattooing process, he creates a piece of art that goes into their skin and touches their heart.  This truly is a process that goes beyond skin deep. This can be used for all kinds’ rites of passage to create much deeper meaning.  The client can re-evoke these empowered states in themselves by merely touching themselves in the spot of the tattoo, taking a nice deep breath, and getting that experience back any time they need it.

Intentional Tattoo Description 3

You may even be noticing already as you read these words that you are drawn more and more to this high resonation experience.  When you feel this deeply in your heart that the Intentional Tattoo is right for you now, you may find yourself very motivated to seek out an “Intentional Tattoo” now, by going to or to gift yourself to a breakthrough experience now, or in the future.  By taking action in your life now you are proving to yourself your valuable and guiding yourself closer to your life’s purpose.  Feels good doesn’t it, how just the simple power a decision shifts things immediately.

We look very forward to speaking with you for the Intentional Tattoo process or any other limiting behaviors or belief systems you may be experiencing in your life.  Vince can also help you break through these limitations as well to guide you to your higher self and your highest purpose.

We look forward speaking with to you soon.


The Staff at Intention Tattoo

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