How to Make a Vulnerable Request

How to Make a Vulnerable Request

In the past when I lived in Calgary, if I needed anything extra in my life, I would go on Facebook and make a post, sell a tattoo, and I would instantly manifest anything I needed through my circle of influence.  Since moving to Vancouver, I don’t have the decades of followers to draw from.  I like to be independent.  I have had a difficult time reaching out for help in the past.  In Calgary I was an award winning tattoo artist for 23 years, I have come here to Vancouver to discover by working at several tattoo studios including an epic one I opened in New Westminster in a wellness centre, that I have not yet been able to access the amount of the caliber of clients I want that get the type of tattoos I do, done in the sacred ways I do them.  Learn more at  I’m not that experienced yet at knowing How to Make a Vulnerable Request, but this is my attempt.

So I went into construction contracting with tattooing on the side.  The clients that come love what I do and you can read the testimonials here:

And here:

I typically don’t consider myself a regular tattoo artist and do not normally show my work anymore on my Facebook wall as most people have preconceived ideas about tattoos.  Negative stereotypes, low class, bikers, drugs, crime etc.  So I don’t not want to be thought of as that, hence I rarely post my tattoos.  What I do is experiential transformative experiences utilizing healing modalities such as NLP, Hypno-therapy, Transpersonal Psychology Counselling, and sacred ceremony.  These I post in my closed group Recover-ink and in my 2 pages: and Wish-art Studios.  (Tattoos were originally created for healing processes and rights of passage 1000s of years ago).  I have been doing tattoos often in sacred ceremony, and this fashion doesn’t really fit into the frame of regular tattoo studios, so,

I recently hurt my back which for me was another sign to get back to painting in the creative flow as it restricts my other options substantially.  I am asking for your help with this new inspiration to combine my fine art painting with tattooing.  I don’t really know how to Make a Vulnerable Request for this type of thing, so this is my ask.

The Intentional Tattoo is the culmination of the healing modalities Ive studied over the years.  An elaborated description is available here:

The existing clients I have here in Vancouver are amazing.  A few more good clients will bring in the highest availability for the painting series I been prompted to do to happen in a good way.

Vancouver has been so great for me as I have delved into my first Nations heritage and embraced the Red Road spirituality.  I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams spiritually here.

This being said, I have been received many very strong prompts from Spirit to go back my first love which is painting, and to do it ASAP.  I got into tattooing originally because I believed that people weren’t buying my fine art.  That was a fear based decision.  My view has changed around that today. I know I am a great artist and with my spiritual convictions and how my art speaks tom the gravity of the world situation, my art will flourish in these times and the environments I dwell.  My fine art can be viewed here:

I have been shown to paint collaboratively with my beloved Rebecca a series of paintings critical to our times called “Birthing in the 5th World of Peace”.  This series is based off of Hopi prophesy.  Rebecca’s incredible artwork can be seen here:

Rebecca Ruth Goutal Artist Bio

One of these pieces has been coming exceptionally strong regarding the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman.  This is a story about honouring the divine feminine in women, in ourselves, and for our Earth Mother and to heal the 4 skin colours of the medicine wheel (all nations of the world) Powerful visions have been coming in strong and hard telling me to get off my butt and get to it.  Im so appreciative that the spirits have been patient with me.  Rebecca has been immense breakthroughs in understanding this story in very deep ways.  We are very excited to collaborate on this project together

So I looked to Father Sky and prayed to all the spirits and directions:  “Ok I will paint, and what about the 100000.00 per year it costs to paint?  Will you cover those costs?”  My faith is getting stronger, but it waivers sometimes.  Ive been postponing this painting so much that is begun to become painful to wait till my ducks are in row.


So what I see now is that I could, with a balanced approach, paint and tattoo.  In the realm of infinite possibilities, What can I do better to find more of the epic high vibe clients would are already getting their tattoos perhaps in the typical tattoo studios and show them the revolutionary system called the Intentional Tattoo and acquire another 4-10 new clients who come in once a month for a day sit of up to 8 hours?  This is so very close I can taste it.  With my expansive Irezumi (body suit) tattoo style that I’m known for, this is a highly possible perhaps with your help.  Im willing to reduce my normal studio rate of 200.00 per hour, to 120.00 per hour to access these clients.  With this future inevitability happening now in the present, my dream of being a fine art painter can come to fruition in this time frame.  This way I could spend the rest of my time painting these very critically important paintings for our times, all while living my passion.   Thank you for hearing my idea of How to Make a Vulnerable Request.   I hope it is landing for you in a good way that inspires you to take action for yourself and give yourself an amazing gift.  You deserve it.

My other love is Transformative Artistry.  This is a combination of fine arts, healing modalities, experiential exercises, and workshops.   The Intentional Tattoo is one of the many offerings made through Lovemedicine’s Transformative Artistry endeavours.  My beloved and I have been collaborating on this as much as we can for a year now, and there is still some work left to do here to bring this up to a place where it generates income.  And it is off to a great start.  Books are currently being written,  Workshops series are being developed along with a nomadic routes of healing/retreat centres where we make our offerings.  This can all be found at:

I got a call today from the office of my NLP trainer in Oregon with an agreement to a proposal that my beloved Rebecca and I created to paint the 22 Arcanas of the Tarot deck onto very large canvases to create an offering similar to that of Alex Grey’s Chapel of Mirrors.   These paintings are a medicine exchange for Niurka’s trainings.  Her trainings include my Master practitioner level NLP, Supreme Influence in Action,  Magical Materialization, Neo-genesis and Goddess Garden (which is for women only).  All epic medicine for evolving consciousness.  Niurka is also opening a mystery school of which she is considering Rebecca and I to be artistic directors for. I highly recommend her courses Nirurka’s webpage is:

So today I stand at the cross roads.
Which way my life goes depends on this pivotal moment.  All based off a decision.

“All change happens in an instant” Niurka.

So, what would love have me do?  What is in the highest of all?


Embrace the new paradigm: Become the best painter I ever could have dreamed by making my decisions from a love based approach.  facing my fears of the unknown and letting go of the idea of the monetary security of a job,


The old paradigm: Employment insurance has offered to pay for my training to become a Class one Truck driver and I allowed myself to be tempted to look at the movie industry as a way to make money, get out of debt, get a few vehicles ahead, and buy property.   This pays pretty good as far as jobs go.  Also means long days, little to no family life, little to no social life, not to mention the rat race, carbon emission issues etc.  Not bad as far as jobs go, but yet another stepping stone to bring me closer to being an artist?  Ugh, if I choose this option, it feels like I may be to old to create this offering by the time I have “All my ducks in row”.  Do you see why I needed learn How to Make a Vulnerable Request?

So, with your help, we could make the creative art option happen in a good way, as it is obviously the higher road.  You could share your tattoo or fine art inspirations here,  we can discuss how we can make this happen for you.  One of the ways I have adopted to shift the collective consciousness to the new paradigm is moving away from a monetary based society and to bring back the resources based ideals of old.  The barter system was what our country was founded on and the powers that be want to put their fingers in everything and tax everything including the air we breathe.  So this is one of the last freedoms artists can utilize to bring back the prosperity of the natural way of living.  If money is challenge, then we can talk about other barter arrangements.  I consider my craft to be Tattoo Medicine and I written a blog article about it here:

There is one caveat:  That there is a certain bar set for the caliber of people that find their way into the Intentional Tattoo Throne of Transformation.  The space we have set up is one of sacredness.  We welcome all deeply respectful people of high vibrational frequency.  I wrote an article about this here:

And here:

And here:

How to Truly Honour Your Tattoo Artist


It’s with deep reverence and gratitude I say thank you for taking the time to read this and understand how I make vulnerable request, and hear into my vulnerability.


Many Blessings

Vince Wishart

Co founder of Lovemedicine

Creator of the Intentional Tattoo “Breakthrough” process