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In this fast paced world of hustle and achievement, there is many like myself who can easily suffer from the perception of lack which we can at times allow a sense of low self worth emerge.  This current monetary system is built to perpetuate debt and we can easily get caught deep in the trap.  This is not Sacred Economics.  What is?

The indigenous cultures have had a widely shared shared view of this around the world as the leaders of the tribe such as the Haida with their potlatch ceremonies where the Chief would give all of his wealth to the people.  In the spirit of reciprocity, the chief and his family would be looked after for the that following year until the next potlatch.  This didn’t work for the European influencers and through the colonization process the British Empire banned the use of the First Nations ceremonies.  In Europe they were able to entire wipe out the culture of the spiritual practices of the first peoples.  In North America they tried but did not succeed.  Through the forgiving nature of the First Nations and the teachings of the medicine wheel where the 4 colours represent all nations, these teaching are not only shared with the European invaders lineages, but the ones who are humble enough to walk in these sacred ways, are welcomed to these realms of the indigenous ceremonies.  The point is to give of oneself freely and to give of your all, to help the people.

Now people have woken up as humanity is reaching an adulthood in maturity.  They are realising their unsustainable ways and reversing the damage they have caused in order to leave this planet as a thriving place for their lineage.  First nations have always taught to look 7 generations into the future.

Giving of oneself fully to the people is the secret to Sacred Economics.   But I don’t I have much to give, or I am too poor, or I already give to charity, or I am stuck on this treadmill and don’t know how to get off, etc.  These and many more are valid reasons that we have been programmed to believe by the corporate interests that have up till now been controlling our minds.

Now there is a revolutionary solution to escaping the treadmill.  The rat race is now a thing of the past.  A new revolution was started in 2011 at the exact right time of the collapse of the Twin Towers.   Anew financial solution was introduced to the consciousness of humanity at just the right time.  This solution allows us to heal in a closed loop system of healing.  Body mind, soul, and financial healing is something that we all need to heal in this day and age.  A new balance between the centuries old dominant patriarch and the divine nurturing feminine.  We are seeing a renewed resurgence of the feminine rising up in a good way to heal with the conflict between these 2 energies.


Satoshi Nakamoto created with a small group of others a genius new currency that through its inception was created to give the people their power and to take it back from the powers that be in the world.  The current power of the governments and those that control them is now collapsing just as the Hopi’s had prophesied 1000s of years ago.  Now you to can benefit from this new resurgence and provide a never before, achievable freedom through this new system.


In the past, the best interest rate an investment could provide was around 18% per annum.  Now we have ways of creating 100s of percent per year.  Take a moment to think about the power of this.  This is the new Sacred Economy for the people and their freedom.

Now this number is only happens if the current price of Bitcoin doesn’t go up.  The actual circumstance is that Bitcoin is exponentially increasing by 1000.00 per day on average at the time of the writing of this article.    These Return On Investments (ROI) has never before in the history of humanity ever happened as a passive investment.  This system has turned many broke individuals into millionaires and billionaires in a matter of months.


bit coin graph


The old paradigm would have in a JOB (Journey of the Broke).  This is the enslavement system of the global elite.  Perhaps you are very passionate about your job and the value you bring into world.  I hope this is true for you.  Imagine if you had a passive income on the back burner that was also creating immense freedom for you, your family and all your philanthropist needs despite what your job pays.  Sacred economics provides abundance in way where we can give so much service to others in meaningful ways.


Charles Einstein speaks about a concept of the gift economy.  This idea is conceivable and real with the block chain and digital cryptocurrency.  Sacred Economics is possible here.




The cryptocurrency movement is moving so fast now, that the biggest fortunes are being made by the ones who get the money converted to BTC immedeatly.  Take some time (not to much time) to research why this could be the most important decision of your life.  At Lovemedicine we recommend taking moment in prayer to ask: “What would love have me do? and What is in the highest good of all?”


A friend of mine invested 5000.00 a month ago, now he has more than tripled his investment.  Almost absurd.  Inconceivable?  This is how money is generated when you have your own bank.  Mike Dillard introduced me to the Bank of You concept (years ago) through buying life insurance as an investment to create compound interest.  In his program’s methods we worked with the conventional 10% per annum.    Decentralized currency that is not controlled by any government is the way we celebrate our humanity and personal sovereignty.


When you receive your resounding yes like we did, then I encourage you follow this link:

 USI Tech is the company that utilizes the power of compounding interest (the way the elites make their money), and made it available to everyone who holds BTC no matter what class.  Their program brings balance to current fact that 1% of the worlds population, holds 90% of the wealth.  Now you can dream big and know that your dreams can become a reality through Sacred economics


This is another article I wrote that offers the nuts and bolts of how it works: Eco-sustainability through cryptocurrency


In the realms of infinite possibilities, what is possible?


Thank you for taking the time to consider this form of investing as a way to be a free human in this day and age.

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