Testimonials for Vince Wishart

Testimonials for Vince



“This was my first experience with the Intentional Tattoo and I have to admit that it was beyond my expectations. I already have five tattoos on my body, – from small to a medium size ones, but nothing as big and as intricate, as the one I was about to get. We worked together to select an appropriate image, that would resonate with me, which ended up being a beautiful composite of several we’ve seen. The way Vince approached this, was a true ceremony. Starting with a buffalo sage smudge, Vincent used his sacred feathers to direct cleansing smoke around both our bodies and the space we were in. As we sat down, he guided me through a meditation, which left me exhilarated and helped my spirit navigate the next few hours of the tattooing process. The meditation wasn’t one-sided either – I was completely involved every step of the way and it was an amazing journey! The intention that was placed into the tattoo remains with me now – much deeper than the skin, all the way in my soul. When I went back to Vince for the completion of the tattoo, a second intention was brought to us by a series of circumstances. Although this session took less time, I feel that it was even deeper spiritually. I am truly honored and grateful for the experiences. Thank you, brother! You take the art of tattoo, to an unimaginable (and unexpected) heights! Love and Light to you!”

Sage Bahram
The Awakened One








“Intentional” Memorial tattoo of our daughter Riley who passed away this summer. Done by Vince Wishart. Amazing healing experience, now Riley can be with me each and every day. Thank you Vince for the exceptional tattoo!



Rob Pitchford

Ski Afficiando





My son Vince Wishart is a gifted artist. In his early years, there was no extra money to buy the latest toys; rather, paper, pencils and crayons were shared from young age. Creatively gifted ourselves, his father and I were able to support and encourage his natural gift. He always had an intuitive creative spark that needed expressing. What I appreciate about Vince’s art is his courage to explore and express his feelings fully, without restraint. He dives in. Others are often touched deeply through his expressive creations, finding that place in themselves that could use more love, healing or expansion. Everything he touches is artistically transformed regardless of the medium, or tool: a piece of driftwood, a wall, building, a chunk of styrofoam, a paintbrush, air brush, tattoo machine, print-screen or NLP. Witnessing Vince persevere through his struggles, inspirations and creative experiences, convinces me he always was, and will be, a true artist. His courage has helped me to more authentically explore my own heartfelt gifts, and I’ve seen others equally affected by the sharing of his creativity. I am proud to call him my son.

A proud Mom,

Zosia Miller, photographic artist.




The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Vince is his ability to be totally authentic and vulnerable. It is a refreshing trait in a world where so many try to present what they think will please others instead of just being real!! He is an inspiration. And I love the way Vince looks for, and act on opportunities to be in service. Both to help individuals and to help the planet.

Integrative Transformational Processing Facilitator Kelly Tobey

Kelly T





Vince and I met in Calgary about 5 years ago when I started getting ink done by him. He’s an awesome artist and combing NLP intentional tattooing makes for an experience unlike any other. Over the years we’ve continued a relationship and since moving to Vancouver I enjoy continuing to get more ink by him. Looking very forward to having my transformation tattoo complete and being able to post pics of it then. For now I’ve posted the ones that are. Enjoy


Linda Farrugia




Where do I start? He is an awesome tattoo artist, I always get great comments on his work. Also a great friend and all round person, privileged to know him. He has accomplished so much and I’m so proud of Him.

Eve Ferris




I had the gift of a few NLP experiences with Vince. The first being facing a deep rooted fear of the dark. Through various natural techniques several other professionals tried to get to the root of this fear. All they discovered was that something happened to me when I was 7. While with Vince he took me back to the roots of this fear and somehow taught me to face it and then to rise above it. I was able to overcome this fear and am no longer afraid of the dark.

My next NLP session was regarding the death and lack of mourning for my father. I had a lot of resentment towards my Dad and did not cry our mourn when he passed. Vince showed me that in reality my father was a very loving and wonderful man. I had my big cry over my dads passing and I hold him close in my heart knowing what a loving man he was. Through NLP work I also overcame some insecurities about myself. I now love myself and am a truly happy person. I am looking forward to NLP work from Vince to help me quit smoking as from what I have experienced so far I now know for a fact that NLP does work. Thanks Vince for taking me on this incredible journey of healing.

Juanita Nielson Humanitarian





“I met Vince a couple of years ago and appreciate his kind, loving spirit. Always looking for the best in everyone. A treasure and delight to be around.”



Laurie Morningstar

Emotional Alchemist and Ascension Teacher





“I just wanted to share a profound experience I had with my dear friend Vince Wishart, who is the founder of Intentional Tattoos. While all of my tattoos have been intensely intentional ever since I’ve been getting them. For the first time, I had a tattoo artist work on me with the same depth of intention as I do with every single tattoo I’ve sat through. I had tears of gratitude stream down my face prior to and during the beginning of our session & I don’t typically cry in front of people…it was such an incredible experience that took me to knew heights. I urge anyone who is looking for a master of his craft, to get a hold of Vince. This was unlike anything I have ever experience before on many levels.


Thank you so much Vince for all that you do. I am humbled and honoured to have your art on my body.”

Nguyen Thi

The Oanh

Creative Visionary / Permanent Cosmetics Artist, Mystic



Vince it has always been a pleasure to connect with your energy and entrepreneurial spirit.  The initial opportunity to meet you when you were assisting to facilitate Kelly Toby’s work was a profound experience that shapes much of the direction of my work to this day.  Presently developing a small business incubator for Self-sufficiency Workshops and energy based healing.  I look forward to working with you again in those capacities.


Norah Bird Hamilton

RA Hamilton & Associates Inc





I met Vince 2 years ago and invited him and to the inauguration meeting of Dream Talks.  A beautiful sacred ceremony where this amazing dream was co-created by circle of amazing people.  Vince was one of them.  I love Vince.  He has a passion for supporting people’s highest good.  He is able to explore the depth of your being in a authentic and genuine way while being very kind to the spirit and helping you to uncover your deepest fears and melt them away so that you can live out your highest good. He does great work and I’m sure you’ll be happy working with him.


One time I was feeling quite nervous before a speaking engagement, he took me aside and gave me a grounding meditation that not only grounded and calmed, but also allowed me to rise to the highest place where I was able to intuitively speak into the audience’s needs directly.  He always seems to find his way into the highest vibe circles. His intuition, compassion and grounded empathy he really knows how to speak into someone’s listening (needs) Loved having him on the Dream Talks family and look forwards to doing more work (play) with him in the future.



William Oliver

CEO Dream Talks




I had the privilege of meeting Vince some 10 years ago at the gym we both trained at. It was a fast friendship as we became training partners and began to learn about one another. Neither one of us had started our personal development journey yet but there was that sense that this was someone I needed to have in my life as it was through him that I learned about and had many of my preconceptions about addictions corrected.

It was also then that I discovered what an incredibly talented artist he was as he started to correct some brutal tattooing that I had at the time. As an artist, he has done some of the best work I have ever seen and will not allow anyone else to do work on me. In the last couple of years, he introduced a new thing to his artistry, something I had never seen before. Intention tattoos. On both forearms, he did this with me and each one actually feels more powerful.


It was a few years later that I began to discover a different side to Vince, his growing spirituality. It was a pivotal point for me as I was struggling with this in my life. It was he that provided an example for me, a type of permission as if he could do things like this, so could I.


It was Vince that started my spiritual journey, something he really didn’t know until I wrote this.


I have watched him rise and have challenges but always the heart of this man has been bigger than he is. I listen to where his journey has taken him and sometimes its hard to believe this is the same man I met many years ago. He has been an inspiration and dare I say a wonder. I feel deeply honoured to call him my friend and brother.


Peter Leach

Founder and Owner

LBD Fitness





I met Vince at a personal development workshop in 2015.  I immediately noticed his strong gentle presence, and of course his awesome tattoos. I was intrigued by his abundant passion for life and impressed with his bravery as he openly shared his story with the group. As I got to know Vince over the next year in our program together, he consistently exemplified wisdom, humility, curiosity, generosity, kindness, and an infectious collaborative spirit that was truly a pleasure to be around.


Vince is someone who is not just walking his talk; he is dancing a holy vision of world peace and love into being to the cosmic songs of the universe. And I would highly recommend that, if you ever get the chance, you dance along with him.


-Pauline Edwards, Linguist, Musician & Poet at Solinga.ca






Vince dear one, let me start off by saying I LOVE YOU!


Your message comes at such an auspicious time in my flow and I am so grateful for all you shared. Thank you holding me in such a powerful light, I am incredibly honoured and humbled to receive such beautiful words from a man who stands in such integrity. You are a true brother and I feel that deep in my heart.


I am so excited to see your art work, both on canvas and on the human body! It is so encouraging for me to hear how much intention and passion you put into your work. I find support for my own journey of creating from the depths and heights of creation into the physical world.

I too am fully walking the red road with the utmost strength and joy. Again, it supports me greatly to hear how you are walking (or dancing) on this earth. In this time of great flux it is good to feel who the true pillars are within the global tribe.

Thank you for your passion. Thank you for your clear vision. Thank you walking this Earth in a magically integral way. And thank you for being such a fierce beacon on divine masculine love. I fold my hands in prayer and bow my head to yours dear brother.


Many blessings to you White Buffalo, I hold you in my heart.





Thank you Vince.. You messaged me on a night of creating such harmonious vibrations with my partner. It is a big mission. I am happy to receive plans for the Awakened Dragon Centres, and review with you.  I am happy to Skype.  I am happy to have you use these words elsewhere.  I am inspired for the idea of tattooing up to the crown chakra.  I am inspired by your work and dedication.


Things are moving forward with JoyGasm and bringing it to the online spectrum now. Very exciting.

Wishing to speak to you in person soon Brother Bear.


IN deepest respect.

Elena Founder of Joy-gasm

Beautiful Vision of Light



“I had a session with Vince while I was going through a very confusing time in an abusive relationship and I felt very cared for and listened to. He took me through some empowering steps to get myself back to me and I left there feeling more grounded. Rebecca was there through the whole session, holding great space for me and brought a very nurturing and loving feeling to our experience. I am grateful for them both. ”


Symentha Holmes

Owner at Hemp Queen












My friend Vince Vin-Zen Wishart and I spent a morning giving back to the community at the local soup kitchen. Afterwards we went for coffee and I had a terrible anxiety attack about having to face a friend whom I had wronged, later that day. Vince could see that fear was totally in control of me. So we went out to the car and Vince performed a guided meditation which brought my fear to subside and replaced it with love. The love that I needed to face my friend and the wrong I did. I walked with serenity for the rest of the day, in thankful contemplation of what Vince had shown me inside myself. That simply making a mistake, does not make ME a mistake.

Armin Saatchi




Vince Wishart has an incredible ability to bring the nobility of earth and the strength of the masculine into a healing space. Vince listens deeply, feels openly, and has the wisdom to know when to act and when to be still. I listened and observed Vince’s pulse and I saw not only a healthy man but a powerful spiritual force wishing only good intentions onto this Earth. I saw not only strength but an emotional wisdom and awareness that has arisen from Vince’s many hardships. It is admirable how Vince has channelled the difficult energies in his life into something useful for himself and all around him. Vince has wisdom and love in his scars. Vince has fire and temperance in his gut.


I fully endorse him as a healer, facilitator, and friend.



Larry Li,

Founder and practitioner at Action Compassion




What an incredible honour to be approached by Vince to provide a few words about our friendship and professional relationship.

Several years ago, Vince, in his hunger to grow, learn, and help others contacted me after hearing about me through a former client. After a quick coffee shop meeting, it was clear to me that I had just encountered one of the rare souls who will settle at nothing less then impacting the world. Vince’s intentions, love for others and our planet, brilliant and creative mind completely captivated me. What continues to leave me in total awe of this man and his skills is his genuine humility and complete acceptance of others.

Because of this, Vince has the rare ability to see and nurture the best in everyone he meets. Vince continues to develop an even deeper understanding of how we are all connected to ourselves, each other, and ultimately, our Earth Mother.

Vince’s innate understanding of the inner greatness of humanity, the technical skills of NLP and hypnosis, as well as his amazing tattoo artistry have led to the creation of “Intentional Tattoos”. In this, I believe that Vince has rediscovered and improved the original purpose of tattoos – a deeply spiritual and life impacting process!

If you are wanting to heal, or you are looking for any coaching / counselling work, you owe it to yourself to connect with one of the most creative, compassionate humans that I know!


Stephen Strube,

Master Practitioner of NLP – Society of NLP, Hypnotist, Coach

Founder of HeadSpring – Unwind your Potential.




I enjoyed the body painting experience because it allowed me to be empowered.  I was given this opportunity by Vince and his fantastic body painting talent.  I endorse his willingness to be a creative healer and enjoy the quality of workmanship he does.

-Sarah E. Xmith BFA, OA



The Transformational Energetic Shift in Perception

What exactly does that mean, what does that mean when we have to change our perception of what was to what is. I like to think if it as removing yourself through your own past, your own past experiences, your own past shadows, and draw yourself into your present moment, your present reality, your present thoughts, and changing those to see the words of the present moment, so seeing the actions of others in a whole different light, to see ourselves as authentically as we can, without our shadows to weigh us down, now we walk. We hear, we listen, WE join, we embrace our own reality.
Thank you Vince Vin-Zen Wishart, for making this intentional tattoo become the releasing force of guilt and shame. I, now hold the memory of my son, closer to my heart.


Tracey Hamilton

Lightworker,  Tree Hugger,  Reiki Practioner,  Tarot card Reader,  Spiritual Healer




It is my great honor and privilege to give this testimonial for Vince Wishart.  His devotion to the arts and humanity is demonstrated in his everyday life.  His devotion to the planet and creator is second to none!  His passion for sustainable living is incredible.  He is a earth ship builder and has a vision to create a Eco-friendly community with a healing component.  A holistic community in which people living in an ecologically friendly, spiritually healthy ,sharing community.  It has been my honor to call him Friend for over 10 years.  I have always left our interactions feeling better as a result of time shared.  His compassion and understanding of spiritual health and healing have always been inspirational.  He has helped me through many challenges in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.


I would not hesitate to recommend Vince as a spiritual guide and mentor.


Randy Crossan



A Renewable Energy Corp.





If you want a spiritual or meditative tattoo experience to symbolize healing, or personal growth or transformation, you should try Vince Vin-Zen Wishart‘s Intentional Tattoo!!!!

You will be glad you did

Melissa Joan




My Experience;

When I went to Vince to get my tattoo done, I thought it was gonna be a day full of pain. I was scared honestly it was my first tattoo and when I got there I was ready so ready!  The more and more I thought about it, the more and more I got scared… he sat me done in the chair and took me on this mind blowing spiritual adventure, I saw what I needed to see and heard what I needed to hear while I was on this “adventure” I let go of all of my past fears, pain, suffering, and brought in this new divine light that I cannot even be explained in word form. I was blown away and since that day I have felt like the pain I had in side is gone and locked away in a box that is one thousand feet underground, I will never ever have a better experience in my life.


Thank you Vince you have changed my point of view on life.


Justin Peterson



This is beautiful Vince Vin-Zen Wishart! From the point we started to connect you have transcended in to much higher realm, this is of such purity and of goodness it touches my Spirit to it’s deepest core, you are an extraordinary individual that will help many to come and I look forward to seeing you soon, I love and admire what you are doing, I feel and sense our meeting is going to happen soon, I feel it in the core of my being , together we will witness that which we cannot currently comprehend , the majestic glory of pure unconditional love and Grace , the energy is very strong for me right now as I have been (the last 72 hours) and am in a very powerful transformation into a higher realm , the gratitude is epic , the pureness defies human vocabulary description, soon we will be together , this I am guided to be of truth , be well Brother till we meet in human form , love and Blessings to all you do and all you meet ,


Kane Kruser