My Top Crypto Picks for 2018

My Top Crypto Picks for 2018

Hi guys

2017 has been a great year.  2018 is going to be mind blowing epic.  Hanging out with Frank Calabro JR, Mike Kilinger, Mike Hobbs, A remarkable securities lawyer and many crypto millionaires, and massively successful marketers this year has expanded my personal box alot.  They have compelled me to research and create this: My Top Crypto Picks for 2018

You know what?  I knew I had  a 747 coming in, and all I had was a garage to park it in, so I’ve been getting busy on the sidelines here educating myself with a deal more personal development, and now educating others through blogs and sales funnels, landing pages, email opt ins, and all kinds of things you may not have expected out of an award winning artist.  But helping others and seeing them succeed is something that turns my crank.


I’m no expert (Because an ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure) but I was able to 4xs my investment in my first 7 weeks.  I can at least show others how to do that.  I am however connected directly to many millionaires and a few billionaires in the space that I can ask questions of.  I then relay them on my collegues.

So here is My Top Crypto Picks for 2018

The Winklevoss twins are now Bitcoin billionaires


I call myself a Transformative Artist.  I’m not just an award winning tattoo artist.  I am a fine artist skilled in my many mediums.  I get commissions for murals, commissions for large scale sculptures as well.  At Lovemedicine  we offer all kinds of healing modalities and counselling as well as archetypal theater and ecstatic dance.

Transforming others financial situation is another passion of mine.  It often takes creativity to write copy to speak into someones listening.  To make a sales funnel stand out in the midst of the masses of others ones out there.

After applying the 4Ms of investing that I learned from Phil Town as a stock market trader as how to research whether we buy a company or not.  There is a lot to consider.  With the amount of companies out there to research, you can imagine how long this took to research.  So I did this to be a man of integrity.  I had turned a great deal of people onto a very ethical company with amazing management, a great Moat, and they were eco-sustainable.  Unfortunately circumstances out of their control forced them to close their US and Canadian parts of their company.  So me being the kind of person I am, did the research, and now have a diversified offering for these people (and others) to keep moving in their quest for acquisition of crypto-capital investments.


All my diligence of research has come up with these offerings.  I bow to you as you look through these My Top Crypto Picks for 2018

Please understand that this is a working list and more will added and maybe some taken away as time progresses


1. Buy Bitcoin:

I don’t recommend you hold it though.  Best to put in a hardware wallet for security as exchanges can get hacked.  Just use exchanges to buy and send cryptos.  I recommend you put your Cryptos into the following opportunities to maximise your gains.  Anything over 100 % per annum is a great ROC.

Psst: some of the following opportunities do 400 percent in 30 days.  Yes, cryptos are a ridiculous way to make money.  And fun.  You will fully understand the feeling of true prosperity after playing around in these for a while.   If you do decide to hold onto and sit on cryptos, hold it in a secure wallet.  Hardware is the best, paper is good as well.  Don’t leave it in the exchange’s wallet as they can be compromised.

A lot of people retire after a years time in these realms and this is why I created My Top Crypto Picks for 2018


2.  EQT Finance

This is a binary trading platform that works in many markets that offers excellent returns, and is registered with the SEC and the FCA.  Larger buy in, and with this kind of long term resiliency in the volatile markets, this company is here to stay.  They have been since 2014.  They have 23 options traders, and they have 91 billion of investors money working for them currently.


3.  Davor

Once you have figured out all the fun around getting wallets, my top recomendation for people looking to play in the crypto-realms is this company called Davor.  Davor and there company focus on ICOs.  They do binary style trading with the ICOs.  Their traders really know their stuff and they are willing to share their earning with you in exchange for you initial investments.  Depending on the level you buy in at, depends on the monthly interest ROI.  There is a strategy here with my friend and long term Mentor Mike Kilinger where he shows you a strategy to take 100.00 and turn it into 100000.00 in less than a year.

4. Ormeus:

Ormeus is going places folks. and fast.  They are charted for massive growth with a business model that is second to none.  This opportunity is not for US citizens however.

My referral link:


5. Unified Bitcoin Team

This is a fun little lottery system. Low buy in of 500.00 and you will make 400 percent in 30 days, often sooner. Capped at 24000.00 profit per year    (unless you play more than one board) All paid in Bitcoin.  Fun place to dabble.  Awesome way to get your money together to play with EQT.

6. Cryptoworld  Everything you need to know for Crypto-education and fiscal abundance site.  All the big wigs are in here and you ask them questions all day long.  The power of association folks.

“You will be in the exact same place financially in 5 years time, as your 5 closest friends” Anthony Robbins


7. Forex Markets

Forex Trading with bots.  1 percent per day and finders fee of 3 percent for everyone you bring

Forex Trading with bots.  8 percent per week and compounding interest.

Contact me directly on Facebook.  My handle is Vince Vinzen Wishart, as I need to personally refer you.  Once we are friends, Ill send you all my links.


Free cryptos

Who doesn’t love free money? Yes it is true.  I’ve done very well with this free one as well.

Pow Tokens  Pay it forward to get paid yourself.  This is an amazing way to celebrate life by giving it away.  The more you give, the more you get.   (

Now refer your friends by emailing them this unique tracking link – for each one that joins you will earn 28,680 POW ‘lite’. Currently worth 209.17

There may be offerings I haven’t been able to find, and I always keep my ear to the ground.  There are thousands of crypto-coins and an amazing number of more opportunities.  Many are scams.  I have devoted myself to sources out which are the good ones and which are not.  As a stock market trader I was trained with Phil Town of Rule Investing.  He taught us the ways to investigate a company to see if the leadership of the company is in alignment with our personal values and so much more.

Read more here:

As with all investments there is a level of risk.  I study these opportunities so you minimize the risk for your families future.  Never risk more than you are willing lose.

Rule 1:  “Never lose money

Rule 2:  “Don’t forget about rule 1”



“Always Invest a minimum of 10% into compound interest strategies if you hope to be free”

Anthony Robbins


                                                                                                                                                     Pay yourself first, before your bills”

                                                                                                                                                     Robert Kiyosaki

If you hear any more good crypto-opportunities, put the link on Bitcoin Abundance and lets have a look at them together.

Many blessings on your success

Vince Wishart Founder of Bitcoin Abundance

and Intention Tattoo

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