Vince Artist Portfolio Bio / Statement January 2017

Vince Artist Portfolio Bio / Statement January 2017

In fast paced times of rushing around doing, endless digital pixelization demands to attend to, I find much solace in what feels like an indulgence into my highest calling that of diving into my heart and rapturous connection with the divine as the painted “Word” is expressed through me into the canvas.  That magical moment where I become the Creator.  Where I realize that I am created in God’s image, that I am a Creator of anything…the rush of chills that happens in no other way.  This is it, I have arrived in this moment where I am actually allowed to have time to create.  I was born to do this.  Go time.  “Creator paint through me and may it be in the highest good of all.”  I am a multi-dimensional being who can do or become anything.  I am mindful of my thoughts as thoughts become words, and words have incredible power to manifest exactly what is said.  One thing I know for sure is: “Home is Where the Art is”.  I am more committed than ever to live a life of dedication to my Trans-formative Artistry and Fine Art path.  I tied this drum and painted this Bear medicine piece on it and gifted it to a first nations addiction healing circle.


The dominant themes of my work are the balance between lack and abundance, duality, addiction and recovery, finding harmony, and Celebrated Transformation.  Indigenous culture has influenced my life greatly and my connection to my Cree roots is becoming more and more apparent as I embody the First Nation’s spiritual practices and ceremonies.  I seek to raise my vibrational frequency and awareness to contribute to the collective consciousness.   “What would love have me do?”



The recovery theme came from a great painting “Binge” as I called it in those days where I chose to lock myself away in my studio for close to 3 years and indulged in my “Black Light Period”.  I traversed the realms of photoreactivity in fluorescent splendor.


Through this period I found whilst painting a 25 canvas series about the aurora borealis, that if I utilized strobing black lights, that I could make my art come alive and dance through the sky.


I feel that God paints through me and the result is sacred “painted word” (sacred expression).  My favorite fine art medium is the “painted word” with fine art painting.  Next up is the photorealism achieved with the Iwata Airbrushes.  Along the way I have been pulled into large scale sculptures working with a company called Studio Y Creations.  I have created permanent installations such as:  An 18 foot tree with a Magpie nest, with a spiral staircase for the kids to climb up into the inside of a Magpie nest where they can wave down at their friends on the ground.  This is at the Science Center in Calgary, along with a 4 foot Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Larvae sculpture with a huge magnifying glass in front of its eyes where the viewer can look into the fine detail of the facets of it’s eyes.  I have also been commissioned to create large scale sculptures at the Calgary Stampede.



I have been blessed to have been invited to show my art at galleries such as Art Spot, 4Two Gallery, in Calgary, and Eau Claire Market.  Being an artist for the people, I have also shown in Tattoo studios and coffee shops and restaurants.  In the past when showing my fine art, I would paint a human as a human sculpture for the art show.  One of my fine art black light shows called: “The Surreal Realms of Photo-reactivity,” I painted 10 people in fluorescents.  At the time I was the only one in western Canada doing anything with body painting though it was popular in Germany.


I appreciate getting commissions for murals about subjects that matter to me.  I care deeply about how the viewer sees the murals and the feeling I want to evoke in the viewer is one of uplifting the spirit.   I root for the underdog and have deep compassion for the ones who have fallen into the clutches of addiction.  Some of my paintings explore these realities.  One was where the clients asked me to reproduce one of my fine art paintings called Individuality in a Sea of Conformity on the 48 foot ceiling and walls of his business.  The painting is about the feeling of being different, which can be a detriment to recovery.



Another commission was a 12 foot spine on my chiropractor’s wall.  This is all about creating wholeness and wellness, which is a deep passion of mine.

A recent mural commission was for Fresh Start Recovery Centre gymnasium.  It is an 18 foot mural of 4 proletariat workers pulling a still suffering addict up out of the hole of despair with a rope.  The caption is: “You are no longer alone.”  A detox centre in Calgary has recently asked me to do a mural to honor the angel  workers who have helped so many people find recovery over the years.



One mural commission was of an Easter Island head and a large animated Tiki which was holding one of the tattoo machines of the line of machines that my uncle Vic and I built, tattooed with, and marketed.   This was a memorial piece for my uncle and had a deeper meaning for me.  Before he died, I was commissioned to do a mural for Kane’s Harley dealership.  My uncle was going through a very tough time in his life and I asked him to help me with it.  It truly gave him a reason for being and he was delighted to help.  He died shortly after this.  He apprenticed me in tattoo and painting.  He was a huge support for me through all my art endeavors and he supported me when no one else did,  through some of the darkest times of my life.  His picture has been hung up at every tattoo studio and station I have ever worked at.  One of his devout clients had me finish my uncle’s incomplete tattoo work and carry on with my version of these wormholes that uncle was so famous for.  We ended the sleeve with a portrait of Salvador Dali on his chest as my uncle was a huge fan of Dali as well as a surrealist artist.






I was a fine art major in university and have worked in design all the way through from t-shirt designs to designing the official Drinking and Driving Counter Attack symbol,

to creating clothing lines.  The design aspect has enabled me to do large scale tattoos by applying the registration process of t-shirt printing, into the placement of stencils on human skin enabling me to perform bodysuit, Yakuza style tattooing.  I have owned several tattoo studios and had interest in others.  In the past 23 years of my tattoo practice, I have won several awards and My Mom and Dad both supported me fully in my life to draw and create.  My Mom would draw with me all through my tender years.  Deep meaningful tattoos is what I seek to do and I turn down more work than I take.  Much of my drive in tattooing came from some deep woundedness and I was often operating from a place of seeking approval due to my lack of self-worth.  I saw repetitive patterns showing up that caused me to realize I needed to look a little bit deeper at myself, what makes me tick, and seek ways of healing those tender areas in myself.  I see how, as I grow in self-love and come into personal alignment and congruency, my art becomes more transformative and powerful for others.  This is part of the reason I work so much with oriental arts as the ancient wisdom and symbolism is so synonymous with recovery, and when utilize a person’s birth number, the numbers always have meaning.  This meaning now gets put into the tattoo.  I also utilize the ancestor’s birth numbers as far back as we can go, to build the proper totem for a client.  Very deep and meaningful.




Portraits tattoos are my other great love and what I drew so much of growing up and got a lot of commissions in high school.  I particularly love it when I can immortalize a relative that has passed to the other side so the client can carry the loved one with them and remember them always.  Many a tear has been shed in fond memory in my chair over the years.  My experience at holding space and training in NLP and hypnosis have come in very handy in these situations to providing the client the most supportive and empowering experience ever.  Sometimes, I just have to take those fun portraits.




As a recovered addict, I assist my sponsees through the 12 steps.  One New years Eve my sponsee asked for his tattoo of a coral/corn snake.  We went into it, all the while he read me his step 5.  The tattoo represented the poisonous/addiction version in the coral snake, now transformed into the harmless Corn Snake of recovery.  Very deep and moving experience for the 2 of us.



So now my tattooing has evolved into an offering called the “Intentional Tattoo”.  The ancients tattooed in ceremony as a spiritual experience or a right of passage.  This was considered a sacred ritual.  I have applied the modern sciences of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology counsel, and shamanic process to the experience, and offer deep ceremony with days of spiritual prep preceding the actual tattoo.  While in trance, we create a super empowered experience by evoking great and powerful emotions for the client.  The potent experience of unconditional Agape Love between them and their creator is my goal.  We “anchor” the experience in the spot of the tattoo thousands of times, so in the future the client can access this power state any time, now or in the future, by merely touching themselves in the spot of the tattoo. Their tattoo becomes a “Tattoo of Power”.


My years of creativity have guided me to spiritual practice, introspective explorations, meditation, ritual, ceremony, prayer.  Much of my practices are becoming more personal and unspoken.  I realize the importance of true connection with Spirit and nature, and less with outsides influences, especially digital.


Part of my spiritual practice is often expressed moving in ecstatic dance.  This has become a deep and consistent practice, and I have been dancing for the past few years a few times per week.  Dance gives me a healthy way to move, stretch and express the emotions and energies that well up, and transform unhealthy patterns.  I appreciate the sense of community that I experience while there.  I have also taken to sounds as an important sacred practice.  Drum prayer songs are becoming more and more a way of my life.

As a Transformative artist, expressive arts, experiential healing processes are the way through to the goal of embodying the new gifts of our learnings, which are offered in our workshops at Lovemedicine.   One of the foundational concepts we work with in this modality is understanding that in the formative years of every person’s life we can develop unhealthy beliefs about ourselves.  Often times it is necessary to return to the time we made the first unconscious decision,  IE: “All old people are mean” or “I am unworthy” to make a new decision from that (subconscious) state to create the outcomes that we really want in our lives.  When I paint, I feel I return to this innocence in this sacred space with just me and my Creator.


I am excited about embracing sacred archetypal theatre as a journey into what I can be, and to be able to hold space for others to immerse into the realms of their utmost consciousness.  It is thrilling for me to witness the transformation and empowerment of others.


As an NLP Practitioner, My slogan is: “As a man thinketh, so is he, and as a man speaketh, so it comes to be”.  It is based off a passage from the Bible that many may be familiar with. “As a man thinketh, so is he”.  I have discovered that my thoughts and self-talk can be destructive and when I give it words, it manifests.  So today I am able to recognize the temptation to indulge in disempowering languaging like attack and blame, and I am more readily able to see the gift and opportunity in situations and circumstances.   For me this has been so pivotal to manifesting the results I want in my own life, and I see it as a “must teach”.  These days, I apply this idea to my paintings as well.  I paint what I want to see in the world.  “What we focus on expands”.  I quote my immensely wise NLP trainer Niurka: “When learn to change our languaging, our whole world changes around us.  We have that much power.”  I paint The change I want to see in the world.


I sat on the board for the Opportunities for Disabled Foundation for the 3 formative years and while there, got to experience true service, altruism and creating ability.  Transformative Artistry also creates ability by finding the areas where the energies get blocked.  We work with the client to source out the blockage, honor it, see it through the eyes of love, and experience something new where the pain once resided.  We then offer tools so as to support them to transform the old patterns.  Clients and workshop attendees then, can step fully into the fulfillment of their personal ability and living giftedness.  These flowing energies are portrayed in the new series of paintings that Rebecca and I have embarked on.  I ask: “How can this painting be of the highest service to the viewer?”


Through my devotion and service to community advancement, I seek a healthy balance between building relationships, creating successful works of art in studio, and working with matters of the heart.  Each experience demonstrates to me a way to improve and, methods of joint venture and collaboration are of interest to me and I can learn so much from others.  I always seek to learn more.  When approaching collaborations I ask: “What is in the highest good of all?  How is this Transformative Artistry?”


I feel my healing practices, artistic endeavors, relationship with my beloved Rebecca and experience of life all coming together to create more powerful Transformative Art offerings in a culmination of synergy, maturity, ease and grace.  I feel immense alignment and inner congruency with this new painting series I have embarked on in collaboration with my precious love Rebecca, that works with the theme of Birthing a New World of Peace into Being.


I look forwards to working with you in Transformative Artistry and I feel the inspiration of our collaboration.


So many blessings to you,


Vince Wishart

Facilitator at Intention Tattoo and

Co-founder of Lovemedicine