Vince Wishart Intentional Tattoo Bio

Vince Wishart Intentional Tattoo Bio

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I am a healing man, on a healing man’s journey.

47 years have brought me where I am today.  My first 20 years found me in Nanaimo B.C. the beauty of the island is second to none.  My Mom (Zosia Miller) was an accomplished potter. My Dad (Edward Wishart) is a phenomenal carver.  My uncle (Vic Wojotowicz) was a famous tattoo artist.  Along with being painter of oils.  What a blessing it has been to come from a long line of creative artists.

This is an oil painting I did of a Road King


I enjoy a wide of range of mediums.  I majored in Fine Art in VIU in Nanaimo.  I designed the Drinking Driving Counterattack symbol while in high school.  T-shirt designs for large clothing manufacturers such as Zulu Airwear, L.A. Cool, Godly Garments.  My favorite medium is airbrush.  I have murals about Calgary like a 12 foot spine in my chiropractic clinic, Kane’s Harley Dealership.  Recently a large scale mural commission for Fresh Start Recovery Center.  As a sculptor I have been commissioned to do large scale sculptures for the Science Center and Calgary Stampede.  Carving, pen and inks, drawing, portraits and caricatures were how I achieved A+ averages in high school art class.

This is a mural commission I did for Fresh Start Recovery center in Calgary.
I owned my first tattoo studio Airdrie and had interests in several along the way, then opened a very sought after Studio Calgary.  I currently own Wish-Art Studios and where I am Transformative Artist that conducts sacred tattoo ceremonies and Intentional Tattoo deep subconscious processes that utilize many modalities and subconscious processes to give the client ability to achieve super empowered states now and in the future by merely touching the spot of their tattoo.  My love are expansive custom drawn tattoos, portraits and large Japanese are also my fave raves.  This is where I also conduct my fine art painting endeavors.

As I progressed in tattooing the idea of working in seedy biker shops began to lose it’s appeal as my soul was asking for nurturance, support, healthy loving fellowship.  I began to study the origins of tattooing and discovered that this is exactly what tattooing’s original intention was all about;

“A Right of Passage and a Spiritual Experience”.


I sought out to learn the ancient ways and implement the methods and processes that spoke most to me.  I becoming certified in the modern day sciences of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Supreme Influence In Action, I use Hypnotherapy, Trans-personal Psychology Counselling, combined with ancient Shamanic processes along with other methods I’ve learned along the way of this amazing journey of the realms of tattooing, healing, spirituality, and rights of passage.

Ancient tattoo rituals


The battle between right and wrong, good and evil, recovery and addiction and individualized spiritualties are a constant theme in my work.  A transformation and spirituality has emerged in me and for this I am eternally grateful, and my intention is to share this spiritual outlook with you the viewer.

The constant thread that has tied my life together is visual art.  However other disciplines have brought me great joy, but being a servant to others is somehow the greatest joy I can describe.  I served 3 years as Vice President on the board of directors for Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation.  I work with recovering addicts, I also co-own offering counsel/coaching and experiential workshops to guide people to their highest outcomes.  To be able to reach down into a life full of turmoil, and give a person a hand up instead of a hand out is without parallel.

This is the collaborative drawing for the mural above.


Today I stand in front of this rectangular box we call a canvass.  I pour my medium and my soul into this box all the while striving to think outside the box. The painting leads me to the realms of heaven.  It is then I am most healthy, utmostly alive and invigorated, All the while praying for pure intention while creating a perfect realm in and out of the box.

 Regular and blacklighting on the same painting.

In a world of haste and turmoil, I choose not to subscribe to the insanity, and slow down and smell in the roses, watch an innocent infant play, watch a sunset, marvel at the majesty of a mountain, feel the snow hit my face, listen to the rain patter. I was created to enjoy these things, and though I have strayed from this path a few times, I’m so grateful to have experienced certain trials as now I have a deeper appreciation for the wonders of creation around us.




Heres a few more for your perusal:





I love the Respect, Honor, Tradition, and symbolism in the Oriental arts. The symbolism works into the recovery themes I work with as a large percentage of my clients are in recovery.




Thank You for your interest;

Vince Wishart


and co-founder of

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